>Friday interlude

>The autumn magazine is about to go into production (next Friday), and already I’ve had 2 authors pull a 4-page piece each. One of them I’ll probably let get away with it, so long as he delivers for the winter magazine; the other I’ve asked to try harder and given him an extension to take into account an event that will happen one week after deadline.

I think it’s silly to hold this second one over for 3 months for the sake of 1 week as the so-called “news” will be stale by December. The first one is an “evergreen”, and he was writing it as a favour to me anyway in case I needed the extra material. I don’t need the extra material so long as this topical one comes in. Eight pages is a lot to lose from 1 magazine, but as it was a fat magazine anyway, I can stand to lose 4 pages and not fret too much over it.


The winter issue always has a slightly tighter turnaround as it’s the last one before the Christmas holiday and we’re supposed to get it on the desks by the time everyone finishes (although Holland doesn’t have the same Christmas holidays that we do). I just had someone stick his head in and let me know he has a potential 4-pager for the December issue, and when I added the idea to the magazine database I was delighted to see we also already have a travel feature (4 pages), an interview (2 pages), and a management piece (4 pages). With this new project article (4 pages) and the human interest evergreen to be carried over (4 pages), that’s already 18 pages, I’ve not added in the regular stuff yet, and we’ve not even started Autumn.

My target is at least 28 pages, an optimum 32 pages, or an absolute maximum 36 pages. The days of 40-page magazines were before the credit crunch and I’m not allowed to go up to that any more. The autumn magazine was going to be 36, so 32 is still okay.

It’s been strange coming back to work, and it’s tired me a little having to get up early enough. Tomorrow I’ll have a nice lie in, but that will be after quite a long, late night for me. I’m getting picked up and we’re going to see three Gothic bands, or 2 Goth and 1 Goth/metal, in Bradford. I have to be ready by 7pm, which means a Benny Hill thing when I get in from work. Tomorrow I’ll be shopping, doing chores, trying to finish the gig list, so even though I can have a drink tonight, I have to bear in mind a busy day tomorrow.

On Sunday if I feel like it, and if I’ve finished the gig list, I want to go on a doorstep walk around Ravenfield in Rotherham in the morning, and visit the castle at Conisbrough in the afternoon – it looks as though they’re having a Robin Hood weekend. As the holiday posts are still scheduled to publish, my next “interlude” may be Monday or Tuesday, and Sunday’s day out will be a picture post after the holiday is finished.

Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “>Friday interlude

  1. Rare Lesser Spotted 30 July 2010 / 5:44 pm

    >Enjoy tonight and thanks for the entertaining posts this week


  2. Devon Ellington 1 August 2010 / 10:09 pm

    >It's always hard to get re-situated.BTW, on the post above this one — great writing day! You got a lot done!


  3. Diane 2 August 2010 / 8:56 am

    >Steve: I had a great night, thanks, and I've enjoyed sharing the commentary.


  4. Diane 2 August 2010 / 8:57 am

    >Devon: I think it's the sleep patterns that take getting used to again. I need to get working on that writing groundwork.


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