>Tuesday interlude #2

>Back to work today for a 4 day week. It’s mostly admin stuff at the moment, or website stuff, as I wait for Friday’s deadline to arrive.

I ordered my Kelly’s Directory of Birmingham & Suburbs, 1973-4 when I got back off holiday. This cost me £11.99 inc p&p and it came out of my £15 budget for books/DVDs/CDs/games. It arrived this morning and I popped it into my pc to have a quick look at New Street …

Ha ha ha ha ha, “quick” look?  Aside from it running on steam (I think that’s very authentic and I keep half expecting to get a whiff of dust up my nose), it’s also very addictive, and before long I was off down Memory Lane remembering the likes of Richard Shops, Van Allan (a highly successful rock band came out of America with this name, but they couldn’t pronounce or spell it properly …), Saxone Shoes, Bogarts Beer Keller, Midlands Electricity Board Showrooms, Radio Rentals, The Tavern in the Town … That gave me a shiver. And HM Inspector of Taxes right next door. Nuff said. For now.

How it all comes rushing back. What a distraction.

The last of the Ullswater posts is tomorrow morning, but there are no photographs, just a summary of the work completed. The Ravenfield commentary and pictures will be up on Saturday, Conisbrough on Sunday.