>Another beautiful game?

>Many of my (northern) friends have suggested I might enjoy watching rugby – proper rugby, you know, rugby league, not that “girlie” (they say) rugby union. Well, I don’t know the first thing about rugby, other than that old chestnut (and alleged myth) that it was invented at a midland public school, or the difference between league, union, super league, championship, whatever. I am totally ignorant.

However, I trust my friends, and while I may not jump off a cliff if they say it’s a good idea, I do think that if they say I might like something, then I might. So I’m going to give it a try (ha ha – no pun intended) this season …

And there was my first mistake. I said I’d give it a try this season, but now I’ve done a little research, it seems the season is almost over. Doing!

My next quandary is who do I support? Several of my Brummie friends (waves towards Birmingham) decided a long, long time ago that they too might give rugby a go (we were already football fans – Birmingham City/Aston Villa – and ice hockey fans – Solihull Panthers/Solihull Barons/Solihull Vixens – Solihull Ice Rink was one of our “locals”, but I don’t think the Panthers still exist). So they looked at the league tables and decided to support the worst team in the country … which at that time happened to be Rochdale Hornets (I believe). From the moment they started to support them, Rochdale started to do well, and while I’d quite like to support the same team my Brummie friends do, I’m not sure I want to be crossing t’Pennines to do it, although they frequently drove up the M1 and M6.

Another friend suggested yesterday evening that Scotland could do with a bit of extra support, even from as far away as England, and I already have a soft spot for Scotland teams – apart from when they play England teams – but I shall certainly start to watch Scotland and hope they do well … just not as well as England.

Many of my Yorkie friends support rugby league, some support Castleford Tigers, some support Wakefield Wildcats, and some support Leeds Rhinos. But I think I may do what my Brummie friends did and plump for someone a bit lower down the league … someone like Sheffield Eagles … There’s something about Brummies, we always seem to go for the underdogs. And dontchya just love those names?

Meanwhile I will continue to watch and support my favourite football (soccer) teams – Birmingham City, West Bromwich Albion, Barnsley, and Sheffield Wednesday (in that order, although I also have soft spots for Sheffield United and Sunderland) – and I’ll continue to listen to cricket commentaries (can’t stand watching the game, but love a good commentary – they make it sound so exciting).

I might even make it to a few games. One day I may make it to the races as well … but that’s another season.

>Ullswater –> Barnsley


I was due to come home on Monday, but my sister needed to pick up my niece at 8pm on Sunday, so I came home a day early. Had I been abroad, they would have gone back to mine for the night, and they could have done this time too if they wanted. But as I was in the country I thought it best to come home early because next time I might not be able to.

While I was away I had such a nice time I almost forgot I was supposed to be on a writer’s retreat. I did however get quite a lot done:

• outlined 8 articles
• outlined 3 reader’s letters
• outlined 1 short novel(la)
• outlined 2 novels
• read 2 research novels in a new genre
• wrote 963 words for Catch the Rainbow – not good, like wading through treacle
• wrote 2,114 words in my travel journal
• wrote 4,000 words for the blog
• uploaded, edited, referenced, re-sized 70 photographs
• started to practice my typing on a daily basis, it’s got so rubbish lately
• visited 7 places of interest + 1 orientation drive
• went on 3 walks
• had a smashing time

I had a fantastic drive home, it only took me 2½ hours, and on the way I dropped into Morrison’s to get my weekly shopping.

When I got back me and my sister caught up, then she had to go because my nephew had cadged a ride home too. Much of Sunday evening was spent uploading all my notes and pictures to the blog, to be scheduled over the next couple of weeks.

I had an early night and a nice, long, lazy lie in Monday morning, and by Tuesday was back to normal.

I hope you enjoyed your wander through the Lake District with me. My sister had such a good time too, she’s happy to cat sit again – any time. Might take you up on that, Sis.

For those that want to look at the pictures all in one go, the Photobucket album is here, the Webshots album is here (both of these have slideshow facilities too), and the Facebook album is here.