>Back to normal

>The double posts are finished for now, so it’s back to normal for us.

This morning I stuck my neck out to see if my house was suitable for free solar panels. This is a new initiative in the UK whereby the government pays either the solar panel supplier or the householder an annual incentive to use renewable energy. As I don’t have a spare £12k lying around to buy my own solar panels. I’m seeing if I qualify for free solar panels. The company I’ve asked is A Shade Greener, which specialises in the north of England, but the one getting other publicity at the moment is Isis. I’m one of those that rarely gets anything for nothing, so I’m sure there will be some reason why I may not get the free panels, but at least I can try and they can only say no. So we shall see. Watch this space.

My mobile phone has started to play up – horror of horrors. I’m really looking forward to taking it to a Three shop to see if they take it off me … The thought is bringing me out in a cold sweat. This is not good. I need to wean myself off the mobile phone and off mobile internet. Thank goodness I’m filling my life with interesting things again. And because my AOL webmail is playing up at home (what is it with me and technology?), I’ve set up a new webmail with Yahoo (again), this time with my real name so it looks more professional. I also set up a separate email address for my competition entries so I can dispose of it if I get too much spam.

It’s been quiet at work and I’ve been quietly getting on with stuff. Deadline day is tomorrow, which means I’m about to enter my busy period again for the next 4 weeks.