>A day at the seaside

>It’s been a hardish week for me. We went into production, which was fine, because I was on top of everything, got all the confirmations out on time, spoke to people so they knew what they were doing and so on, and I thought it would go quite smoothly.


I’ve had articles pulled (again) after deadline, I’ve had others come in totally new (after deadline), and then someone who is not my boss and who is not responsible for what goes in the magazine provided something completely ready-formed and told – told – me to put it in the current issue. I think this is a communication thing between the countries, because most people – even the most senior – still have the courtesy to ask if something can go in the magazine we’re currently working on, they don’t tell me. Oh, and my printer announced he was off on holiday from this Sunday for a fortnight.


BUT … I’m in such a good mood at the moment, and have been for several weeks, and seem to be on top form – and have been for several weeks – that I’m just brushing it off with maybe a quiet little whinge instead of my usual full-blown rant, and I’m dealing with it. Because we do. And I’m calm, collected, cheerful, positive, friendly, and everything else I always used to be. One of my mates has actually admitted to being quite worried … Has it really been so long since I was so chirpy?

I am taking today off, though, and I do want to go to the beach. A few friends wanted to come with me, but it was too short notice for them to take time off work, and 2 of them were booked into training days anyway and couldn’t move them. However, another 2 friends and their family were also contemplating the same place as me, so I may see them in passing if they’ve made it as well.

I’m going to the seaside, and I’m taking a picnic, some reading, some writing and the camera with me – AND a deckchair in case I decide to sit on the beach. And a big brolly in case it decides to pour down.

This is the life.