>Clumber Park

>I finally made it to Clumber Park on Monday afternoon. I had my picnic before setting off on the short 1½ mile walk around the Pleasure Park, cow pasture and Ash Tree Hill Wood (you can download the walk here).

These trees are in the play/picnic area next to the main car park:

It’s a shame about the chapel. Shortly after the shock weather we had at the start of the year, someone noticed a crack around the spire. The church was closed down for health and safety reasons, and to be repaired, and is due for reopening in November 2010:

This temple can be seen across the lake from the one in the Pleasure Park:

Black headed gull optional extra.

There are lots of little hidey places like this one, I’d bet kids (old and young) would have lots of fun in here:

Had I not had to sit down to deal with a load of text messages, I might not have noticed the detail on this bench:

This squirrel was so tame, it was eating from a child’s hand … until it bit the child’s little finger:

Here is the stone gateway between the Pleasure Park and Ash Tree Hill Wood. The path crosses an ancient cow pasture here:

I guess this is the cricket pavilion:

I think I could live in there …

The walled kitchen garden had already closed for the day by the time I reached it, but this gives an idea of how it looks:

 Finally trees, I love these trees lining the path leading to the walled kitchen garden:

The walk took me just over an hour and a half, with an extended stop while I dealt with those pesky texts. You can see the full set of 15 pictures here on Photobucket, or here on Webshots.

2 thoughts on “>Clumber Park

  1. Devon Ellington 16 August 2010 / 12:16 pm

    >I love old, lovely trees. I'm glad they're fixing the chapel, and not just letting it rot.Lovely walk!


  2. Diane 17 August 2010 / 8:53 am

    >The trees were great, quite old.


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