>Technology hates me

>It started on Friday morning when the guestbook fell over – I can’t put a link because it’s still not back, although it did briefly reappear yesterday. I left it for a few hours in case it was a blip, but when it became apparent that this was in for the duration, I started to add a note to the gig list to that effect when the gig list fell over. I managed to break into the gig list and get a note added to the first page, but I had to remove all the other pages to get it to load. Then, later that evening, this blog fell over. I didn’t have time to look into everything, so I got another note up and left it until Sunday. On Saturday, my Facebook wall fell over as well, and I was starting to think it was a conspiracy.

Saturday night we caught 2 bands, one new band in a new venue, and one favourite band in another new venue (new to me, not new to the scene). We had a really good time.

On Sunday I was going to visit Calke Park, but I didn’t fancy the 90+ minute drive each way so I stayed local. I did my shopping on Sunday too and had a doss evening in front of the telly. Both the blog and the gig list came back up, but the guestbook stayed resolutely on its back.

Yesterday my Facebook wall started to reappear and I started adding people to that again. The guestbook came back, we made the announcement, and then it fell over again …

On Friday evening I posted a message basically asking for no phone calls at the weekend as I wouldn’t answer them. I’ve had a busy, hectic couple of weeks and I’ve not had my days off. So I wanted to make sure I had a whole weekend off. The Cosmos must have been listening properly this time, because the crash meant I had a blissfully quiet weekend with only people I wanted to talk to keeping in touch. It gave me a taste of life without the gig list, however, and right now that’s very appealing. I’m seriously contemplating winding the whole thing down because, while it’s been a great way for me to meet people, it’s been a complete pain in the bum and the source of much personal stress and grief over the past 2 or 3 years.

Someone asked me on Friday where I’d been and when I said I’d been getting my life back, she took it personally and asked if I was suggesting she didn’t have a life. FFS, people. DO NOT ask me stuff if you’re gonna take umbrage at the answer. This is a minor example, but it’s typical of the way I have to be careful of what I say ALL THE TIME. Silly me also thought it was a question about ME. She’ll probably recognise herself again now and take offence again, but hey, I felt guilty that my perfectly innocent answer had been taken the wrong way, and I hadn’t done anything wrong. I hate having to qualify everything I say with a “I don’t mean you” or “I don’t mean it that way” or something.

So I think I want to get rid and take myself out of public scrutiny. It’s my ball after all, and I can take it home if I want to.

The guestbook is still down today. BLOODY GOOD.

I’ve come into work for a 4 day week this week and there’s another additional NIB with a 3-line whip to include it in the magazine. We’re 2 weeks into production. Space is already allocated and filled. I’ve diplomatically pointed this out to the person concerned but said as it was short, if I can find space I will. One article has been pulled, but that will make way for one of the surprises already in.

I can feel my interior spring starting to coil itself up again now, but I’m still positive, still happy, still feeling good.