>Still busy

>I’m a bit tired today and slept in.

I worked over the past 2 days, and will probably work over today as well. It’s my busiest time, and I’m not just working on the articles. I’m also arranging access to the database for our newest edtitors (in Holland and in India), I’m completing the contributors’ guidelines as I go along, as something else annoys occurs to me, and I seem to be getting involved in our new quality initiative. On top of that my office is still a regular stopping off point for many work mates and colleagues, although some do check it’s ok to come over before they do, while others simply plonk themselves down and look at me expectantly with an empty coffee mug in their hand …

The phone call came in yesterday that my mobile phone was fixed, so I headed off in that direction on my way home to collect it when I realised I didn’t have the charger with me for the loan phone they gave me. It was easy enough to get back on the right road and I got home in time to have a quick tea before getting ready to go out. I have the charger with me today and will have another go at collecting my own phone. I’m looking forward to getting it back. The loan phone is good enough and has a couple of functions on that my own doesn’t, but mine has more and I’ve missed it.

Last night I finally made it to my local Ramblers’ meeting. I’d received my joining letter a few days ago, and they’d managed to put me with the right group. Some of the people I’d already met on walks recognised me there, so after the business of the evening we were able to have a short chinwag.

This is a 4-day week and today I’m tired. I’m looking forward to a lie in at the weekend.