>The temperature feels as though it’s dropped by about 10 degrees this morning, and they’ve forecast rain for the next 4 days. I’m hoping they’re wrong because my new favourite castle is having a jousting weekend and it’ll be a shame if the weather’s miserable. I’m toying with going along on Sunday – I don’t mind the rain, if I’m dressed for it, but I will feel sorry for everyone if that’s what we get.

One of my 2 page articles finally arrived this morning, 400 words too long and 2 weeks too late. I was willing to let it go through this time – and this time only – if they edited it down by the end of today. But it’s too late now to get the translation done, so I’ve had to throw it back at them anyway. I’m going to have to do another page plan today to accommodate all the post-deadline changes. Then I’ll carry on with editing.

I finally fixed my Facebook last night – I was having to manually add people back onto my wall. The 318 grown-ups that didn’t petulantly delete me because they thought I’d blocked them should be able to see me again now, the lucky things. And those that did childishly delete me because they thought I’d blocked them? They’ve been blocked. Oh, it feels good to clear out the dead wood.

I also collected my phone on the way home last night – it’s good to have it back, although it’s doing a couple of things I’m sure it couldn’t do before. Maybe they re-loaded the software and added some extras.

Things were going far too well, however, because my laptop died again. It froze up and I have to let the battery run down before I can use it again when that happens. I do have a budget in place to buy a new one, but I’m such an idle cow I’ve not got around to it yet. I’ll regret it, when the laptop dies forever and I don’t have a backup in place.

Tonight I do have somewhere to go, but I’m not sure I want to. I’m going to a wedding tomorrow and we’re catching the tail end of a gig afterwards, and then on Sunday, as I say, I hope to be jousting. So I may stay in tonight and watch telly.

Have a great weekend.