>Six inches off my hair?!

>Wednesday turned out quite busy with us trying to finalise as much as we could before my boss broke up, so yesterday I took the day off. I had a nice lie in, a hair appointment at tea time, and not a lot in between other than keeping a friend company for an hour or so. I even had Chinese for tea, which was very extravagent considering I still have half a roast chicken in the fridge. With half a Chinese in there now too, the fridge looks as though it belongs to a bachelor.

This morning I was late in to work – half a day late. I’ll either convert that to half a day’s annual leave, or I’ll take some work home with me over the weekend. It’s a long, bank holiday weekend anyway and I always take the Tuesday off as I don’t do Mondays so I feel as though I’ve had a bank holiday too. Kidology.

This afternoon I’ll shift as much as I can so it’s waiting for my designer when he returns from his holiday tomorrow – I’m good like that. This evening I’m going to see an AC/DC tribute band with the gig buddy in one of the villages next to mine.

Tomorrow will be part chores, part shopping, and part walking. I discovered a walk that takes in a country park that I didn’t even know was there, in another village/small town next to mine. Follow the link to see what the Forestry Commission has done to what was once a slag heap for the local coal mining industry.

On Sunday I’m going to see my mom and dad and Monday I’ll be finalising (hopefully) the gig list for September. On Tuesday I’m going to try a slightly longer walk, see how my stamina and heels get on. I couldn’t decide between Bretton County Park or Kirkstall Abbey Park, but I think it’s going to be Bretton as that’s closest and I’m using far too much petrol at the moment.

At some point over the weekend I’ll upload the pictures from my “tree walk” on Monday. Today the battery I ordered on Wednesday arrived on a 3 – 5 day delivery promise. Well done Nokia.

Last night I dreamed the hairdresser had cut 6 inches off my hair instead of 1. What a nightmare.

Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “>Six inches off my hair?!

  1. Devon Ellington 27 August 2010 / 12:30 pm

    >Sounds like a great weekend.When I finally get around to getting my hair cut, it'll be 6-8 inches that has to come off. It's been growing for nearly a year now.


  2. Diane 27 August 2010 / 12:38 pm

    >I was very brave and told her to chop an inch because it's long enough to stand more than just a midge's dick (as we so eloquently say) now.It's gonna be a fun weekend. :o)


  3. carolwarham 28 August 2010 / 9:50 am

    >Have a good weekend. I haven't been around Bretton park for years but did go around the Sculpture park last year and was amazed by how much I enjoyed it, as sculpture isn't really my thing. Mind you having the interpretation of a 5 year old probably helped.


  4. Diane 28 August 2010 / 7:23 pm

    >I had a good walk today (Saturday), so I think I should be up for the distance. I quite like sculptures and things.


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