>Walking with trees

>Last Monday I drove all the way down to Calke Park to make the short walk around the ponds. It poured with rain for much of the day, but was dry for most of the time I was out in the open.

If you can see it, these 3 trees are actually 1 tree, with a branch coming out of the one on the right, dropping underground, and then re-emerging again almost immediately:

There’s a young black headed gull in this picture:

Looking the other way:

I felt very privileged to see these deer:

Here’s another one of my textural shots:

What on earth is this? It looks a bit weird:

Ah, it’s “art”:

There are lots of huge, old trees like this one:

Serpentine Wood:

The grand “Old Man of Calke”, believed to be more than 1,000 years old:

There is something very relaxing about walking with trees. I tried talking to them too, but they weren’t listening … It all made for a nice, relaxing, navel-gazing walk.

I had a little time after to visit Calke Abbey too, although I didn’t have time to take pictures too. But it was primarily the walk I came for, and I can certainly recommend it.You can download it here if you want.

You can see the full set of 15 pictures on Photobucket or Webshots.

Alternatively, here’s a slideshow:

Calke Park Aug 2010