>Technology hates me (reprise) + EYE CANDY

>And no, I’ve not gone out and bought anything technological while Mercury is in retrograde. I know I have to wait until after the 12th, although the house phone did finally give up the ghost on Saturday so I very bravely bought a new set (2 handsets this time), and that seems to be working fine. It’s my mobile internet that isn’t …

So, Friday … what did I do? I stayed home and was going to chill in front of the telly but instead found a game of Cubis on Facebook, and ended up playing that ALL EVENING.

On Saturday I should have gone for a walk, but my knee wasn’t ready from Tuesday’s double-distance one, so instead I visited Roche Abbey in Rotherham, which was absolutely gorgeous. The weather was fine, the company was excellent, and there’s something spiritual about the place. A man-made beck runs through the property and I found a spongy piece of grass over one of the bridges to sit on while I listened to and watched the fast running water. I’m drawn to water, it’ll be the Pisces in me, but I could have sat there all day.

I took lots of pictures (watch out for those in a week or so, Yorkshire Sculpture Park first), did my shopping on the way home, bought the cordless house phones, then spent the evening setting those up, putting shopping away, scheduling the Phoenix Park post, and watching Hugh Jackman in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Yum.

On Sunday I went to visit my  mom and dad, had a lovely day there, then got home and tried watching Terminator: Salvation. A few people have given this latest instalment a bit of a thumbs down, and I got totally lost after the first hour, so switched to Sky 1 + 1 to start again and watch more carefully. But I got there this time and thought it was okay. If you’re into The Terminator I think you have to at least watch it once, and Arnie makes a virtual guest appearance in it too, complete with no clothes … I, personally, particularly enjoyed Sam Worthington. Yum again.

Scroll down for today’s eye candy and to see from where I borrowed the pictures.

So to today, and I’m in the office for a 3-day week and I’m absolutely FURIOUS. I had one article come in, complete with pictures, etc, which I sent off, then on Friday I received a pile of extra pictures, which I also sent off. The first pdf we had back (Friday morning) included just the original pictures, which is fair enough because I’ll ask the designer to include the new ones as part of my amendments. Only some clever clogs has sent the pdf received on Friday to the originator and he is spitting feathers because his extra (late-submission) pictures aren’t in there yet. THAT’S BECAUSE THE ARTICLE WAS SET BEFORE WE RECEIVED THEM. AND HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SENT AN UN-EDITED PDF IN THE FIRST PLACE. I’ve responded to him … in my own little way, but he’s not replied yet … surprise, surprise.

I have 3 more pdfs to print off, then I’ll sit down and start to go through them in one sitting – and MY AMENDMENTS WILL INCLUDE THESE NEW PICTURES. I have one article where no-one – NO-ONE – bothered to check my Dutch last week, so I’ll assume my Dutch is fine and get that sent off too. Then I have my own page to write and send off, plus the other stuff the designer’s waiting for.

I brought my laptop in to get my mobile broadband set up on it, and then spent 54 minutes on the phone trying to sort it out. It seems the network may have fallen over just as I was trying to plug into it for the first time … How do I do it? I also have to tell McAfee to let the new connection through. But I can’t do that until the network comes back …

So I’m not having a very good day today. To cheer me up (and some of you out there too), here’s that eye candy I promised. Have a better day than I am, yeah?

I got Hugh from here (deadline.com).

I got Sam from here (topnews.in).