>Nitrazepam rules OK + MORE eye candy

>I was determined not to let anyone or anything annoy me today after yesterday, I was feeling calm, cool, collected, in control … and then one of the first emails I opened when I got to the office lit that fuse again … (Sigh) Several emails later … credit has to go to my lovely deputy editor/Smoggie snapper for force-feeding me a cup of hot milk and almost an entire bottle of Mogadon.

So anyway … we have fog this morning. It’s still here, late morning, yet it never fails to amaze me the number of drivers that assume the lights-on-in-fog rule doesn’t apply to them. It’s FOGGY, you stupid people. We can’t see you. And grudging sidelights are neither use nor ornament in conditions where parked vehicles loom up out of nowhere. We get good fog in South Yorkshire, particularly over the agricultural and common land.

Yesterday on my way home from work I dropped in and had an hour with the keep fat buddy. I bought us both a big, re-sealable, shareable bag of Galaxy Minstrels each so that I didn’t have to share mine, and she force-fed me a fresh cream apple turnover. Fresh cream apple turnover plus half a giant bag of Minstrels does not constitute a nutritious tea, but that’s what I had along with a packet of Quavers. I watched CSI: Miami and CSI: NY, then went to bed and slept like a baby …

… until 4:30am when the kittykat shuffle began … (Sigh) Why can’t they both wake up and go out together? Why does the second one always wait until I’m almost asleep again before realising she may have missed the going-out-fest? Why do they have to yowl beneath the window to come back in? Why can’t they just come in at breakfast time? And how do they know which window to yowl beneath?

The alarm went off at 7:30am and I hit OFF instead of SNOOZE … and I slept in after all and was late to work. No wonder I’m cranky. I need more chocolate – but I left the other half of the giant bag of Minstrels at home. (Sigh)

So, now WW3 has been averted, I’d best get on with the rest of my magazine. Contributors would do well to remember that theirs is not the only article to be published in any particular issue.

Especially for Little Nidge, here’s a bit more eye candy. I think I got the right era …

I found Pammy here (librarising.com).

And here’s another one for me and my friends:

I found Josh here (bigsislilsis.com). Yum.