>Turned the corner

>The person that sent the stroppy, rude, ignorant email last week that started me off so badly? Apologised. The person that sent out the unedited pdf in the first place? Apologised. The magazine? Almost done – we’re on the home stretch. Things at work have started to improve.

I got all of my pdf corrections and amendments off to the designer yesterday, and my boss was sending his this morning. That means I’m waiting now for pdfs to come back and get signed off.

On Monday I did some extensive diary work, remembering to include R&R as well as everything else. So far, everything is being ticked. I also hauled out all of the freezer drawers to see what home made meals I had in there, and every evening this week I’ve been cooking and eating stuff before it gets too old and has to be thrown out (I label them with the date made as well as what’s in them). I’m eating proper meals again, have cut back on the snacking, and am writing everything down.

I’m trying to cut down on the mega-feast I always seem to take out with me everywhere I go. It’s like a subconscious need for survivial – maybe in a previous life I starved to death and don’t want it to happen again. When I work at home, it isn’t a problem. But when I go out …? I could probably feed the five thousand. This week I’ve cut 1 x Mr Kipling cake slice from the sandwich box (why do they have to pack them in 2s?); next week it might be the Quavers that get it …

I’ve been feeling really stiff and had trouble reaching my shoes to tie my laces. My back has been playing up again and I don’t know why. On Monday I got the Wii out. On Tuesday I started with just 15 minutes of yoga. By Wednesday I was tying my shoe laces, just on 15 minutes of yoga. Today I feel ready to tackle another walk this weekend. It’s a 2½ mile doorstep walk around Whiston in Rotherham. In the afternoon I was going to make a long overdue visit to the Magna Centre, which isn’t far from where I work yet I’ve never been. But admission is £10 – a bit steep the week before pay day – so I may just do my shopping on the way home.

On Tuesday I got the Roche Abbey post pre-scheduled for Sunday. I’m not turning a computer on every day, and I’m not sat in front of one every day. When I’m writing, in the early stages, and for several drafts, I work in longhand with a notepad and pencil. Until I get onto later drafts there’s no need to use a computer. So, while I don’t have to switch a computer on, I’m not doing so just to write a blog. I’m sorry if this means you tune in on a Saturday or a Monday and there’s nothing here, but it’s why I’ve started to pre-schedule the days-out posts for the weekends. When I’m back in front of a computer every day again, I’ll blog every day again. At the moment, it’s unnecessary time out of my writing/leisure time.

Yesterday evening was another Ramblers meeting in Mexborough. By Christmas I hope to be up to 5 miles so that I can start going walking with them again without feeling a burden. They’ve already asked if I’d like to adapt a couple of my short walks into slightly longer ones so that they can come with me.

Pluto went direct on Tuesday. I’m waiting for a secret to be revealed. :o)

4 thoughts on “>Turned the corner

  1. Devon Ellington 16 September 2010 / 12:12 pm

    >Glad they apologized and aren't total wastes of food.May I make a suggesstion? When you come back from your walk and take a soak in Epsom salts? Do a few yoga stretches when you get out of the bath. It will help enormously.my back's been wonky lately, too — can't wait to get to the acupuncturist next week.


  2. Diane 16 September 2010 / 1:09 pm

    >Thanks, I'll try the yoga after a bath. I've not tried the Epsom salts yet. We get Radox bubble bath, which is supposed to do the same thing, but I'm allergic to it. I have to see if I can get raw epsom salts – I'll add it to the shopping list and if I can't get it from Tesco, I'll try a chemist or a health shop.I think the stiffness is because I've been in the spare bed and big fat Domino takes up a HUGE amount of space in a single bed. Or I could just need new furniture/mattresses, etc … I have a lumbar support chair at the office now, and I'm not sure if that helps or makes things worse.


  3. carolwarham 16 September 2010 / 1:25 pm

    >Sounds like the week does continue to improve. You made me laugh. 'next the Quavers will get it.' I had this image of them shaking in their packet. Poor Quavers. Hope the back improves soon. If it's muscular then ice is the best to bring down inflamation.


  4. Diane 16 September 2010 / 2:42 pm

    >I'm going to enrol on weightlossresources.com where I can list everything I eat and all the exercise I do for a month or 2. I tend not to stick to this kind of thing for long, but I've been with them before and they're not a diet, more a record keeping facility.Not sure what it is with the back.


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