>Time out

>I splashed out at the weekend and finally upgraded my Wii Fit to Wii Fit Plus. I’m glad I did because there are 15 more games/activities, 3 more yoga poses, and 3 more muscle workouts – although I rarely do the muscle stuff, bone idle you see. We can also add things like number of steps per day and waist measurement (although it’s only in centimetres), and it calculates calories burned, although this doesn’t seem to be as accurate as other methods of calculation. The best thing for me, though, is the routine facility.

There are a few routines included in the bundle, or you can make one of your own. I admit I’d like to be able to make 2 routines, depending on how energetic I’m feeling or what needs work, and I wish I could add the games/activities to the yoga poses/muscle workouts. But the good thing is that I can decide on “x” number of minutes, and “x” number of poses/workouts, and 20 minutes means 20 minutes without all the waffle in between, which was adding about another 10 – 20 minutes on to the time taken out of an otherwise busy day.

My routine is a yoga one, although you can mix the poses and workouts, and it’s currently 20 minutes, which is up from 15 minutes at the weekend. I’m going to leave it at that for now because most of the other poses are balance poses and I’m not ready for those yet.

Yesterday I did my 20 minutes of yoga warm-up, then started the aerobic activities and balance games. My intention was to do 20 minutes of that too … but after only 11 minutes, the batteries died on the balance board. So I only managed 31 minutes altogether. Today I’m recharging batteries and hope to make it 40 minutes.

My heels are fine now for walking, but I am dressing them before I go out so that probably has a lot to do with it. This weekend, however, I seem to have bruised my toes. I must be pushing my feet too far forward. My muscles and limbs seem fine though (and we’re 48 hours later). Maybe all this extra exercise is working.

I’ve been working at home this morning. The full magazine pdf didn’t reach me until today, although it was sent yesterday afternoon (I think he forgot to copy me in at home). There are only 3 pages with minor corrections from me, and 3 pages with minor corrections from my boss – and one page was the same for both of us. (He does the Dutch, I do the English, but occasionally we overlap if we notice something.)

I’m taking the rest of the day off now, apart from anything my boss needs me to look at. But I think we’re good to go. I have to go in tomorrow because I have an all day meeting. It’s a 3-day week for me anyway, but I may take the rest of it off.