>Busy autumn ahead

>So while I was recharging my batteries yesterday, the confirmation came in that my purchase orders for the activity annuals we discussed last month would be with me by the end of this month. This means I have at least 2 activity annuals on their way, and possibly 3. Whoo-hoo! I LOVE this work.

The email gave me a kick up the pants because I need to clear the decks if I also want to do NaNoWriMo in November – and I do. Hopefully all the deadlines will slot in together. But this means writing work due before Christmas includes the following (it’s been a long time since we had a list):

  • proof Night Crawler (time this one was gone) – manual edits
  • electronic edits Night Crawler
  • publish Night Crawler
  • order author/comp copies Night Crawler
  • market/promote Night Crawler
  • re-submit Christmas story to magazine
  • draft 1 Catch the Rainbow
  • outline The Project With No Name (NaNo)
  • RD&T Magazine WINTER issue
  • research TV programme for ACTIVITY ANNUAL #3
  • research TV programme for ACTIVITY ANNUAL #4
  • potentially ACTIVITY ANNUAL #4-1
  • draft 1 The Project With No Name (NaNo)

Night Crawler was delayed because I want to buy at least 10 author/comp copies pre-publication, plus the local library wants to do a book launch and I need a pile of books for that too (and there’s Lori’s to order and send). I’ve decided that the first pay cheque for the activity annuals this time will be used for those. Priority. Now I know I have another 2, possibly 3, bumper pay packets on the way, I can put my back into it and get it shifted. It needs to be gone, though. I’m tired of seeing it on my to do list and in my diary.

When Night Crawler is finally published, I’ll do another giveaway competition, so read the blog carefully between then and now.

Catch the Rainbow was starting to resemble wading through treacle, but I have to get it done and quit with the excuses. I’m NOT shelving another project – it’s bad for motivation and self esteem.

The NaNo project needs working on from scratch, which is the idea, right? I know the genre, I know the length, I know the market. I’m just short on everything else, including a title, which is always a problem for me (anal, I know, can’t help it).

I research the TV programmes for the activity annuals because I need to know that I’m keeping the characters in character wherever possible. It’s important that at least one of us knows who’s in the show and what they do, especially as they’re for kids and kids are good at spotting mistakes. As these are both new projects for me, I’m going to be watching a lot of children’s telly.

Yesterday evening I sat down to get on with more diary work and the first item on the list. I spent the summer months sightseeing, walking, exploring, photographing, and I’ll spend the winter months writing about all of that as well as all of these.

Today I’m in a meeting from 10:30am until 5pm, so I wrote this last night and scheduled it to post this morning. It’s a business excellence meeting – that’s quality management to me and you. The magazine went to press yesterday, it should be on desks within the next week.

I need to take the rest of the week off. I hope that’s ok.