>Good use of time off

>On Wednesday I decided that after the meeting I was ready for a few days off. Only at lunch time the gig list broke. Again. (Sigh.) It was still there, but it managed to lose 2 posters and a whole day’s gigs. And not just any day either. It had to lose Saturday’s gigs. The busiest night of the week. I sent out an annoyed but grateful call for everyone to send me their gigs for Saturday again, and quite a lot of them did – bless them. And after the meeting I was able to sit and spend an hour fixing it.

Turns out the 2 posters and all of Saturday were still there, but they’d got hidden behind a load of other stuff, a script error had inserted itself (how?), and many commands were broken (HOW?). Once I sorted out the errors and tracked the commands to make sure they were complete, voila – the gig list was up and running again.

I headed home, later than I’d intended – almost an hour later – and there was a very nice man waiting for me. He’s going to fix my roof, he’s going to do the emergency stuff first (secure or remove and cap the chimney pots and clear out the guttering, while also fixing any stray or loose slates while he’s up there), and he’s going to do it next week.

I hadn’t really budgeted for this just yet, but the chimney pots are dangerous and if they fall on someone, I’m liable. Plus, if it was an emergency repair on my car I’d find the money. So I’m tightening the belt again and he’s fixing my roof next week. And anyway, something usually turns up.

Wednesday evening I chatted with both the gig buddy and the keep fat buddy on the phone, and then I settled down in  front of the telly to watch Midsomer Murders and the first of the new series of Castle. Thursday morning I had a nice, long lie in with the intention of doing nothing all day.


I was mistaken. But it was all good, and I had a very productive day. I de-cluttered the kitchen, the bedroom and the office area, did a load of washing and hung it out/brought it in, and I re-packed a new WIP box for the next 2 or 3 months.

My payslip arrived but I didn’t bother opening it because I know what to expect in a September pay packet, and 2 of my purchase orders arrived, confirming work for Oct/Nov and Dec/Jan.

This morning when the post came there were 2 letters from work (gulp). One was about the imminent brand changeover, due on Monday, the other was news of a pay rise … What was that I said about knowing what’s in my September pay packet? I went and retrieved that envelope from yesterday’s post and ripped it open, and sure enough I’ve had a pay rise, backdated to April, and including a small bonus.

There’s the roof paid for, with change too. :o)

And so to today. I’m updating the budget to take into account the purchase orders, pay rise, and roof repairs. Then it’s proofing Night Crawler galleys, NaNo prep work, and a bit of freelance admin. I have another wash load in, but this is one that can be tumble dried as we’ve had storms and high winds for the past half a day and I don’t want to lose anything from the washing line.

I’m staying in tonight, but we’re off out tomorrow night – after another day of chores and work – and Sunday, I haven’t decided what I’m doing Sunday yet.

Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “>Good use of time off

  1. Devon Ellington 24 September 2010 / 12:48 pm

    >There's plenty of abundance in the universe, and you're finally getting your share — your faith paid off! Good for you.


  2. Diane 24 September 2010 / 1:02 pm

    >Let's hope you get your share soon too. :o)


  3. carolwarham 25 September 2010 / 9:42 am

    >Good things seem to be coming your way…great news!I'm off for two weeks now and not sure I'll have any WI-FI next week and definitely won't have my laptop in Spain. I'm challenging myself to travel as light as I can. See you in two weeks, be good, take care and have fun. Probably not all 3 at the same time!


  4. Diane 27 September 2010 / 11:32 am

    >Have a great couple of weeks off, Carol.


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