>A silver star


A few weeks ago I decided it really was time I lost weight, but I know I can’t do fad, crash or starvation diets without giving up before the end of day 1. So instead I enrolled with weightlossresources.com. I’ve been with these before and they’re all about eating as normal food as you can, although the lower fat and less sugar and salt the better.

This morning I’ve lost a further 3lb, giving me a running total of 7lb. That’s half a stone in only 2 weeks, and I think it deserves a silver star. So I’m awarding myself one. Two more pounds and I’ll drop into the next stone, so I hope I’ll have another star to award myself soon. I haven’t done any exercise this past week either. I knew I had a lump to lose but I bet it’ll slow down considerably now.

On Friday I stayed in and watched telly again, but on Saturday I had quite a busy day washing, shopping and baking. I batch-cooked a 4-portion pork casserole with chive dumplings, a 4-portion cherry and apple cinnamon crumble, and a dozen marmalade muffins, all Weight Watchers recipes. Then Saturday evening we went to see a band but they weren’t on. We almost left, but as there was no-one else on in the vicinity that we wanted to see, we decided to give the band that actually was on a chance. And we were delighted that we did because they were amazing.

Sunday was more idling I’m afraid. I caught up with Saturday night’s X-Factor and we did toy with going out, but it was such a cold and windy day and the gig buddy had spent much of the afternoon at the freezing touchline of her son’s football (soccer) game that we chickened out. I spent the evening in front of more X-Factor and ITV’s new period drama, Downton Abbey.

Today I’m at home and I’ve conceded 3 days early. The heating is officially on. The summer clothes have been swapped with the winter clothes. The only thing I refuse to do yet is change to the winter-weight continental quilt (duvet). I’m adding the WW recipes to my weight loss database, I’ve made a start on the gig list for October, and I’m going to carry on with Night Crawler galleys.

I’m back at work tomorrow and it’s a 4-day week.