>Starve a fever …

>… feed a cold. The latter is what I did and what I obviously have. Just a cold. When I left work yesterday the plan was to go straight to bed, but by the time I got home I was starving and I didn’t have the energy to cook anything. So I ordered a Chinese. When I have a Chinese delivered, I normally save half for another day. Not last night. Last night I had the first half, then went back and helped myself to the second half – and I didn’t leave a bit. Greedy little piglet.

By 7:30pm I was still ready for bed, but when I thought about it I wondered how hard would it be to just sit on a nice, warm, comfy sofa and (proof) read galleys? I thought of what I’d do if my livelihood depended on me reading and checking these teeny, tiny proofs. So I got my ass in that chair, with a hot drink to hand, and I proofed quite a few more pages of Night Crawler.

As I went along I was thinking things like “that needs to go in the sequel” or “I need to remember that for The Beast Within“. So when I got to a place I could stop, I wrote up those notes and managed almost 1,000 words of The Beast Within. With 2 episodes of The Mentalist thrown in for good measure, I felt quite proud of myself by the end of the evening.

This morning we have rain, so my builder couldn’t come to work on the roof. They’re not allowed up there in the rain anyway, and anyway, I wouldn’t expect anyone to. Hopefully it will be brighter tomorrow.

I also failed to get out of my village this morning, and had to turn around and come to work a different way. This way is the way I used to come and when I still do when Death Highway feels a bit dicey. It wasn’t long before I remembered why I don’t use this route any more – the School Run.

I still fail to see why “Scrunners” have to drive their kids to primary school when they live well within the catchment area (for “the catchment area” read also “walking distance”). What’s so special about them? Why are they allowed to drive badly, park illegally and pull out without indicating? And why are we all expected to give way? (Sorry, I think this is a bit of a mini-rant …)

This morning one of them was getting particularly narked because no-one – NO-ONE – was letting them out. Well, perhaps you should reconsider the wisdom of parking on the wrong side of the road … on the FOOTpath … where the zig zags are. The zig zags were put there to protect your children, not for our health. They were still stuck there long after I too had ignored them, gone past the lollypop lady and through the traffic lights. Karma.

And that wasn’t all. Once through the school run there were roadworks everywhere. I think it’s great that we’ve obviously found the money to repair our road infrastructure following the debilitating snowfall at the start of the year, and they seem to be putting services in beneath the pavements (sidewalks) too. But do they all have to converge on the same area in one go?

I can feel a couple of reader’s letters going off in the next day or so.

And so I’m finally at work. My throat is killing me, but I’m fine. I keep forgetting to bring my purse (wallet) in with me though … so one of my most favourite people in the whole wide world has nipped out to get me some throat sweets. It’ll cost me a coffee, but how cool is that?

4 thoughts on “>Starve a fever …

  1. Lacey Devlin 30 September 2010 / 2:35 am

    >Get well soon Diane!! Nasty bug!


  2. Diane 30 September 2010 / 8:28 am

    >Thank you. There's definitely something nasty going around. Every day about 3 more of my Facebook friends are complaining of it.


  3. Diane 30 September 2010 / 11:45 am

    >Thank you. I just found out that both of our reception staff have been suffering, so not only is it rife on Facebook, it really is going around.


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