>October To Do list

>I’ve been a bit lax and not done one of these for a couple of months, so as I’m going to be very busy to the end of the year, here’s my first plan of action – for October.

• update blog and gig list daily
• gig list for Nov
• diary work for Nov

• proof Night Crawler galleys
Night Crawler electronic edits
• publish Night Crawler
• begin marketing for Night Crawler
• re-submit Christmas story to weekly newspaper
• 700-word monologue
• 2 x fillers
• 1 x travel article
• NaNo foundation work
• research activity annual #3
• research activity annual #4
• activity annual #3-1

Day job
• weekly timesheet
• winter magazine foundation work
• winter newsletter foundation work
• new PR work

• attend 5 rock gigs
• read 1 novel
• at least 4 long-distance walks
• visit 2 places of interest
• 1 Ramblers meeting
• visit Mom and Dad in Birmingham for Dad’s birthday
• hair appointment
• Halloween

• weekly, fortnightly and monthly household chores

There’s a new item in the day job list and that’s “PR work”. Since cuts have been made and department spending reduced, people are gradually remembering that they already have an existing Communications & Publicity representative in situ – me. Some of them are even remembering my name. It means I need to learn more about the company and be on hand to provide guidance and advice on most things publicity.

I need to stop being idle now and start doing a bit more.

Wish me luck.