>The best laid plans


By the time I got home on Friday I was wasted, and couldn’t face a night out at all. So I cried off. The next day I dragged myself to the supermarket to get my grocery shopping, but when I got home I dropped into bed and slept until 6pm. So I cried off Saturday night too and felt very guilty.

Sunday I didn’t go out at all, or hardly got out of bed. I decided I needed to rest up and get rid of this cold-type thing. When I did get up I sat and did some easy-ish, restful work in the comfort of my living room. The work I managed included more proofing of Night Crawler galleys, a few more words on The Beast Within, quite a bit of NaNo prep and, of course, my favourite, diary work.

National Novel Writing Month 2010 is open for business. You can find the NaNo link here and the link to my page here, in case you want to buddy up. The typewriter sidebar badge is really just a marketing badge for those not taking part, but I quite like it so added it to mine. The one within this post, or a similar one, will appear on every post throughout NaNo in November. When they release them, there will be a word count widget too. Hopefully, towards the end of the month I’ll be displaying a “winner” badge as well, but let’s not run, eh.

I’m feeling a bit better today and have started by getting up reasonably early and putting a washload through. We have FOG today, but I think there’s sunshine hiding behind it so by the time the cycle has finished, it should be a bit brighter for drying.

Until I get to work tomorrow (for a 3-day week this week), I’m not sure what my workload is like. I think I have some PR to do, possibly some business excellence, and probably some prep for the winter magazine. Here’s a list of freelance work and other stuff, though, for this week – sorry for boring you with it but when I put it on here I tick more of them off:

  • blog and gig list daily
  • proof galleys daily
  • NaNo prep daily
  • chores daily
  • Wii daily (on non-activity days)
  • resubmit Careful What You Wish For
  • #1 filler 1 (school run – again, sigh)
  • #1 filler 2 (road works)
  • #2 filler 1
  • Outline 700 word monologue
  • #1 The Ladies of the Lake
  • #2 filler 2
  • #3 filler 1
  • Outline Meet Me In Glenridding
  • edit filler 1
  • hair appointment
  • weekly timesheet
  • 1, possibly 2 rock gigs
  • weekend chores, inc batch cooking and baking
  • Wentworth Garden Centre farmers’ market
  • 2 – 3 mile walk

Phew, looks a lot doesn’t it? But I have 2 writing days this week. The galley and NaNo work is scheduled for early evening, and the fillers are very short, 100 words each max.