>Good day’s work

>The sunshine was hiding behind the fog yesterday, so I did get to hang my washing out. I had a good day, and I got the first 2 fillers drafted.

I didn’t resubmit Careful What You Wish For yet, because when I checked the editor’s email, she asked me to send it again at the end of the autumn so she could consider it with the rest of her Christmas stories, and I thought now might still be a little too soon. So I prepared the email, etc, and saved it in my drafts folder and will schedule in the resend either at the end of this month or the beginning of next.

However, I’d promised the editor a more autumnal story in the meantime, and that’s what I submitted, so here’s the first not-only-but-also of the month: submitted Bonfire Surprise.

Great stuff.

I know this list thing can come across as being a bit obsessive, but it’s the way I work and the best way for me to be productive. I don’t beat myself if I don’t do everything on the list, though. I just move things to the next available slot and there’s always room for ad hoc and unexpected stuff to replace existing stuff if necessary. I’m not afraid to write something off either if it just ain’t gonna work.

When I have a lot on, or when I feel as though I’ve not achieved much, I resort back to my lists. Each tick is a pat on the back and motivation to move on to the next task. I realise lists leave some folk cold, and some of mine can be a bit scary, but I need them right now.

I’m feeling a million times better today, am at work, and will negotiate my workload for the week.