>Slight change of plan

>Saturday afternoons would normally see me baking, batch cooking, ironing, and maybe a few other household chores, and this weekend that’s exactly what I had planned. Then I found out that there’s a festival of writing and reading going on in Sheffield from this week, and Val McDermid is speaking at 2pm on Saturday. So now I’m going there instead. Aside from the ticket price and the train ride to get there, I’ll also no doubt pick up a copy of her latest book Trick of the Dark for a nice treat and maybe get it signed.

Friday evening we also have a gig planned at one of our local clubs, and Sunday morning I’m at that farmers’ market. What a fantastic weekend.

Yesterday I found out a bit more about my future at the day job and I’m feeling a bit like a hot potato, so I think that’s ok. I’m not really supposed to say anything yet because it’s all confidential and sensitive, etc, so I’m not going to – for a change. Tomorrow I confirm the content for the winter magazine and in the next 2 weeks I’ll be starting on something else as well.

Today is a writing day, and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m being very good and obedient and everything at the moment. Having an incredibly full to-do list usually has a lot to do with it.