>The weekend beckons

>In 4 weeks time we go into production on the winter magazine, today I’ve been working on the planning/foundation for that.

I’ve been reading quite a good book, Love is not Enough by Merryn Somerset Webb, on finance for the modern woman and it’s opened my eyes. She takes the scariness/complicated jargon out of stocks, bonds, shares, trackers, funds, etc, and I remember one finance femail editor a few years ago suggesting the wary just send off a single £25 into the tracker market and see how much it earns. But I can’t for the life of me find anything remotely similar in today’s money market.

I have a zero to good interest rate on most of my debt at the moment, although that’s still the first thing I’d like to go, and savings accounts and current accounts are earning next to zilch unless you have thousands to invest. So I’m looking at diversifying.

I’ve been looking for a certain weekly money magazine for the past 2 weeks, but can’t find a single one, not even a different one to the one I’m looking for. Obviously the folk of South Yorkshire have insufficient interest in the money markets to justify any magazines on the subject, but I found the one I was looking for online and while I’d rather not sit staring at a computer screen for most of my life, at least it’s something.

We made our decision and we will be at our local club this evening. It’s a late start (but normal finish), so I’m going to do my shopping on the way home. This will keep tomorrow morning free so I have no excuse to be late to Sheffield where I’ll be listening to Val McDermid talk about her latest book. More information on Off the Shelf (Sheffield’s current writing and reading festival) can be found here.

I’m not going out tomorrow night because I want to be up early for the farmers’ market on Sunday morning. I have a walk pencilled in for afterwards too, but that really depends on how I feel, what time it is and what the weather’s doing. I’m not really just a fairweather walker, but if it’s really nasty I’ll go home and jump on the Wii.

Have a great weekend.