>A record?

>On 4 April 2009 (18 months ago) I submitted a seasonal story to one of those markets that says “if we don’t get back to you in 6 months, assume you’ve not been successful”. Now, this was at a time that said erstwhile wonderful market was going through major upheaval and a few of us felt a bit disappointed that they’d changed their previously impeccable relationship with authors, both regular and brand new. Since then, however, despite yet more recent job cuts, the market has got itself back into a routine and seems to be on a stable footing again. (Hurrah!)

Once the 6 months had duly passed, I sent the story off to another market. It’s been rejected twice since then (it’s seasonal so can only be sent by a certain time, then has to “cool” for the rest of the year), and ignored by a second “give us 6 months then assume” market twice (they had a change of editor and asked that any stories not replied to be re-submitted). I’ve had another look at the story, tweaked it, and am in the process of sending it elsewhere – the way you do.

Yesterday, I got a rejection from the original magazine. Eighteen months later … Can you imagine the quagmire I’d be in now had I sold it to one of the other markets I subsequently sent it to and if this original market had decided to buy it as well?

I’m not really complaining, I love this particular market, it’s always been a favourite of mine, times are very tough at the moment and we are lucky to still have short story markets willing to consider our work. But *I* would have been the one with the newly blackened reputation had this gone the other way.

At least I know this once regular market is still considering my work. But what do *you* think about this? And is an 18 month turnaround a record? Answers on a postcard.

4 thoughts on “>A record?

  1. Lacey Devlin 12 October 2010 / 9:33 am

    >You do hear horror stories of things taking years because of upheavals and multiple editor changes. I think the longest I've heard of is a couple of years. I'm glad you haven't been waiting all this time!


  2. Diane 12 October 2010 / 9:47 am

    >Normally I'd be hopping with outrage, but I do love this market and they have done well to keep going through all the turmoil. Plus, at least I know now to wait for their reply. At first they said new contributors to them should expect no reply if they were unsuccessful, which I thought was unfair. Then they changed that to all contributors, which I thought was worse. But now they're not even considering new contributors (other than by accident) perhaps they're trying to contact everyone again after all.


  3. Lori 12 October 2010 / 12:16 pm

    >Actually, THEY would have been the ones with the blackened reputation. Six months is six months – their own parameters. If they took three times that to get back in touch, I don't see how it stains your image in the least. In fact, I'm surprised it didn't come with an apology – or that it came at all. And it would've been their tough beans had you found a home for it. 🙂


  4. Diane 12 October 2010 / 12:21 pm

    >Well yes, I do think that too, but we are sooooo way behind the States over here as far as writers are concerned – heck, the content mills have only recently arrived – that we're made to feel so guilty and work so hard and be so grateful. This one IS a nice market, though, and I've been accused of being too hard on them in the past while they weathered the storm. In fact, I was told I should feel grateful if they ever considered my work again at all. But if I had sold it, I would have told them so – and reminded them of their 6 month waiting time.


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