>Too much spam

>I’m afraid I’ve had to switch the comments section to registered users only, but this does, apparently, include open id. I’m getting far, far, far too much spam. The spam filters are picking up most of it, but sometimes there are numerous anonymous comments scattered about the blog over several years. They’ve done a search, landed on one from x years ago, and just commented a pile of pants. Let me know if you have difficulty leaving a comment. These “real” people were even getting through the captcha, so I took that off ages ago.

Apparently I’m a nearside stop light short. That’s something I’ll have to get sorted. A neighbour pointed it out to me last night as we both got home. I also need air in the tyres. I never seem to get time to do these odd little things on the car, and when I think about them it’s usually too dark or too late or miles away from where I am. I could get tugged for the stop light, though, so I’ll have to get that fixed.

Two days ago I got a splinter in my finger. It went through my finger nail and got stuck beneath it. I’ve trimmed the nail back as far as I can, I’ve gouged at it with a needle, and I’ve even had a go with tweezers. But I keep pushing this splinter thing further in. I’ve been bathing it in salt water in the hope it’ll draw itself out. We used to be able to get black jack, a drawing ointment. I don’t think they call it that any more, and I’m not even sure that all chemists sell it under its generic name. I may make a phone call before making a journey. It’s only a teeny, tiny thing, but it really hurts every time I forget and put pressure on it.

We have a cherry picker roaming the site at work. Every time it’s on the move, it makes a bleeping sound, like when a large vehicle is reversing. This blinking beeping is getting on my nerves – it’s worse than Japanese water torture. I don’t know what they’re doing, must be some kind of second storey maintenance.

There’s a new widget we can add to our blogs, it has options like “interesting” or “funny”. I’ve added it to the blog post now … but I added “dull” too because, let’s face it, today’s is a little …