>Mist and mellow fruitfulness

>With thanks to John Keats.

This morning is truly autumnal. Dew on the car, a low lying mist, still mild temperatures. I’m feeling … insulated by the elements and the season. We have a bit of drizzle too, but I like that too, I like to feel the fine rain on my face.

I’m getting a tad excited about NaNo. I think it’s because the community has already started to mesh with Yorkshire being the largest single forum in the UK outside of London, and bigger than many other European country forums. We’re chatting in the forum, we’ve buddied up, we’re making friends on Twitter and Facebook. It’s like one great big giant writers’ group. And I’m loving it.

We have 2 kick-off parties planned, one in Leeds and one in Sheffield. I’d like to go to both of them. To the first we take fruit, so everyone knows who we are; to the second we take, erm, fruit … but with a face on, so everyone knows who we are. Some of us are also planning to meet up on trains on the way in.

Throughout the month of November we’ll also have “write-in”s, where we all meet up somewhere and … write.

I had intended to make some very thorough plans before starting my own project, but Val McDermid said one thing at the weekend that really stuck in my mind. She never makes copious notes (though she does write down facts and figures and the like that are necessary), yet the ideas, the characters, the world, are all in her head clamouring to get out. She said that if she forgot something then it wasn’t interesting enough in the first place. She also asked if we write down everything about our friends or do we just remember them.

I’m a major planner, but she’s right. So I’m going to try keeping the whole thing in my head. I know the genre, the length, the timescale, the setting, the main characters, some minor characters, the number of chapters, the words per chapter, the plot, the sub-plot, the deadline, the daily word-load, the market. The only thing I don’t have is the motive, but I’m working on that and maybe it will come with everything else.

Last night I worked some of that splinter out from under my finger nail. It seems to be a flake of silvery paint … or a very fine shard of mirror glass …