>Blink and you’ll miss it

>Time, that is.

How fast is it going? I can hardly believe it’s the weekend again, and I have quite a busy one planned.

Today is going to be finalising prep work for the winter magazine – it only seems like 5 minutes since the last one was delivered. I’ve already done my weekly timesheet and I also want to get the first draft of an article written. I may do the shopping again on my way home as I’m not going out tonight so it will be less rushed.

Saturday is going to be part chores and part writing. I have drafts 2 and 3 of 2 fillers to write plus get one of them edited and ready for submission. Weather and money permitting I’m off to Matlock for the evening for illuminations and fireworks – I say money because I have to pay for petrol, parking, admission, and drinks if friends also make it. October is a 5 week month this year, so money is already slightly stretched. If I don’t go to Matlock, there’s a gig around the corner I may go to, but that also depends on money (must do a budget check today). I may just stay in and watch X-Factor again.

Sunday I’m off down to Birmingham to say Happy Birthday to my dad for Monday. Sunday evening will be more Countryfile, X-Factor and Downton Abbey. Then Monday is a writing day with the first drafts of 2 short stories to write, draft 2 of an article, and draft 3 of a filler. Incidentally, looking ahead to NaNo (again) I’m delighted to see that day one (1 November) is a Monday, and it’s a 3 day week. That means I have 2 full writing days in the first week of NaNo on top of 2 writing parties during the 2 preceding weekends. If that lot doesn’t give me a good start nothing will.

No walking this weekend, other than wandering around the supermarket pushing a trolley or walking around Matlock if I go, so the Wii will be coming out.

They’ve forecast a “mostly dry” weekend … I guess that means rain then. Have a good one.