>Sweet Friends


Many thanks to the lovely Teresa Ashby for giving me the Sweet Friends blog award.

As a condition of accepting the award I have to tell you 6 things about my writing, but most of you probably know most of them already:

1. I’m not very good at it. Writing. Seeing as that generally means adhering bum to seat and, well, writing.

2. I’m a planner rather than a panster, I can plan for England. But I’ll always give other methods a go, just in case …

3. The first article I ever sold was based on a total lie. (“Having been an avid bottle collector for many years …”)

4. I write in longhand rather than onto a keyboard … but I’ll always give other methods a go, just in case … or if I’m running very late and am on (or past) deadline.

5. When I make a mistake and it gets published I’m mortified and have been known to stop writing altogether while I GET OVER IT. Because it’s so detrimental (and so unprofessional), it very rarely happens and hasn’t done for quite a long while. To my knowledge …

6. I am not adverse to sending the exact same story out, totally unchanged, to a market that has previously rejected it. Requirements and tastes change, and I’ve sold many in this way.

7. (Okay, I can’t count …) I can’t work without a deadline. But don’t tell me it’s a false deadline – that has about the same effect as knowing I’m using a working title.

I’d like to pass on the award to 6 more people (but they don’t have to do the 6 things, or pass it along, unless they want to):

If it wasn’t such a girly award, I’d also give it to Colin and to Steve. And to Nidge if he updated his blog more often … all very good and lovely, sweet friends.

Another day in the office today, with an AGM and a jam night this evening. A couple of fillers are due out on Friday. Normally I’d finish the 3rd (typed) draft and just send them. But I’m building “cooling” time into my schedules now and already I’ve edited the “final” draft of one 3 times, so I’ll give it/them one more check on Friday before submission.

Tomorrow is a full writing day.