>Single and lovin’ it


I’ve left the picture up today because NaNo begins for me this weekend. Of a fashion.

There has been a very strange substance falling, intermittently, from the sky. It’s too thick and random for rain, but too thin for sleet. It’s leaving big splashes that are taking ages to go. It’s very odd and feels quite cold and almost slushy.

Quite a few people have recently been asking how I fit everything in. I usually put it down to being quite anal with my diary, being rigid with time slots and ticks-when-done, and making sure I write down absolutely everything I have to do. But now I’m starting to think it must be because I’m single.

I don’t have to wait for anyone else to come home before starting tea, I can have it whenever I like, if I like, and what I like. The television isn’t switched on automatically whether anyone’s watching it or not so we get distracted by, and engrossed in, whatever’s on. If I want to go “up to my room” and work, I can without appearing rude, OR I can do it exactly where I’m sitting without asking if I can turn the telly off.  I can read or write or knit or sew or do nothing if I want to, when I want to.

Christmas is a LOT cheaper without the usual where-should-we-spend-it dilemma, I can even cancel Christmas if I want to. I don’t have to consider anyone else when planning what to do at the weekends or for holidays (apart from cat sitters or people I’m going to see), and if I want a working holiday I can. Even if I do plan on going somewhere, I can change my mind right up to the very last minute if I want to. I’ve even stopped telling people where I might be in case I don’t make it after all.

Ooh, I could go on and on and on and on …

So now I’ve written all of that out loud, and with conviction, watch Mister Perfect stroll right on in … He’d better be good cos I’m getting used to this independent life.

I’ve not been able to get on with the activity annual because we’ve not received the artwork. The real downside of this is that I have wall-to-wall work in November and was hoping to have the activity annual off my desk by then. It doesn’t look as though that’s going to happen now, although the whole thing is mostly planned with a big long list of activities I’d like to include – just the stories take a while longer. That also means I won’t see the cheque before the end of December. That’s not such a problem as it was last year, though, as I’m now firmly in the habit of not planning or spending anything until it’s in my bank and cleared.

This month I’m particularly proud of my new financial prowess. It’s a 5-weekend month, which means the same monthly wage has had to stretch a week further … but I still have a week’s cash in my purse (wallet), and I still have a further week’s worth in the bank account. This may seem like a pittance to some, but you have to remember that in less than 2 years I’ve gone from running my current (checking) account at minus £2,500 to minus £750 to zero, so the equivalent of a week’s pocket money (shopping and spending money) makes me feel like John D Rockefella. Next step is running at plus a month’s wages …

One of my writing projects is a travel article from my Lake District holiday. I was doing it on spec and had a few markets in mind that accept unsolicited travel features. However, I’ve found a competiton that a shorter version of it may be suitable for, but the deadline’s Sunday. Tomorrow I head to Leeds for the first of 2 NaNo kick-off parties. I’ll also be polishing this travel feature and a couple of other items.

Have a great weekend.