>Pipe dreams and a pomegranate called Pip

>Sorry to bang on about my finances, but now that I seem to have them under control at least, I’m allowing myself a few little pipe dreams again.

I already thought about changing my car next year, but realistically, unless I can get a very good bargain, it might be the year after. The one I have now I’ve had since it was brand new, but my new finance savvy-ness is balking at it losing 25% as soon as it leaves the forecourt.

My mom has always said that I like neat, under-stated, plain, simple things in life, such as tiny ornaments and petite jewellery, and she’s right. In-your-face does absolutely nothing for me and certainly doesn’t impress me at all. And I’m the same with cars.

I’d like a VW Golf (Rabbit) – I love dinky, neat, simple, under-stated, inconspicuous, economical cars, but while I’d like a bit of solid comfort I also think a front-wheel drive might suit me better if we’re going to get snow more often again. (Bring it on – although I don’t want a gas-guzzling 4×4.) And I don’t know how to combine the two. But a new car within the next year or 18 months is pipe dream number one.

I’m also thinking holidays but while 2 years ago I would have booked and just dropped it on the plastic, these days I’m not even looking until the money’s in my account. Saying that, though, I am thinking of next year’s holiday(s). I want to go to the writers’ winter holiday in Fishguard in February again and I still want to walk at least part of the Thames Valley long distance path. I won’t be confirming Fishguard, however, until the activity annual money is in my account.

Looking ahead, holiday-wise, I’m overdue a visit to my brother and his family in Canada, and I want to see Nebraska. I’ve also been promising myself New England in the Fall for as long as I can remember.

I’ve scheduled this to post on Sunday when I should be walking or at least sightseeing. I think my days out are going to get fewer and farther between as I start to write up my trips and visits. Do them in the summer; write them in the winter. We’ll soon see how that pans out. If I’m not out and about I’ll be indoors batch cooking and baking … and maybe some more ironing.

On Friday I bought a pumpkin. Lori sent me a recipe for pumpkin pie but it used tinned pumpkin, which we don’t have over here, so now I’m looking for a recipe that includes fresh pumpkin (does it need sweetening first, for example, or stewing?) Yesterday I took a pomegranate (called Pip) to Leeds on the train for our NaNo party …