>What a busy weekend I just had, and next weekend is going to be 3 times as bad.

On Friday I did my shopping on the way home from work again, then on Saturday it was off to Leeds for the first of the NaNo kick-off parties. I met a fellow WriMo on the train – she’s been doing it since 2003 so was able to give me all the background information I might need. She was wearing last year’s t-shirt because this year’s consignments haven’t arrived in the UK yet. If I get a t-shirt this year, I want it to have WINNER on it.

We all had a great time, having a chat, talking about ourselves, our writing, our plans for this year’s NaNo, and I hope a few new friends have been made. Susie even took the time to come on here and say hello on Saturday evening.

I woke to glorious sunshine on Sunday and was sorely tempted to go for that walk, but I had so much to do and next weekend I just won’t have time to do it all. So I did chores, browsed recipe books and magazines, popped out to get some last minute ingredients but failed anyway. I was going to make parkin and it needs black treacle (molasses), so off I went to get treacle. Then, when I started to get everything ready, I also needed oatmeal and I don’t have oatmeal. I checked loads of other recipes too, and they either want oatmeal or rolled/porridge oats. So the parkin got shelved until next time.

Instead I batch-cooked a 5-portion chicken casserole with parsley dumplings and didn’t think to check if there was room in the freezer for them all first … but I squeezed them in (ate one, froze 4). And I made an apple and blackberry crumble as I had cooking apples left over from before and the blackberries were on offer in the supermarket (they’re in season, see).

One evening this week I want to make buns and cookies for Halloween, I want to try a bean and sweetcorn casserole, and I have a recipe for an Ipswich lemon pie. I also found recipes for pumpkin soup or gingered pumpkin pie, or both if I have enough edible pumpkin meat – I have to work out how to open the pumpkin first, though, and then how to carve it. I’m going to be so busy, clearing the writing decks, though, that I may have to get up early Saturday morning for some of it. (Boo, hiss.)

Monday was a writing day and I didn’t get onto the computer, let alone the internet, until 2pm. But I did finalise 2 fillers, outline another filler and an article, and I made a start on the diary for November. With so much NaNo in there, plus other projects I need to keep working on, it’s already looking a bit scary. I’m not going to list it all for you guys. If even I think it’s scary I’ll lose you all.

Today I’m in the office for a 4-day week. The deadline for the next magazine is 5 November and I have to decide whether or not we run a newsletter as well.

6 thoughts on “>Wow

  1. carolwarham 26 October 2010 / 10:28 am

    >So this month's list is so scary you've even scared yourself. Wow!


  2. Diane 26 October 2010 / 10:33 am

    >Ha ha ha – quite. Case rests, m'lud. At least I also have a lot of ticks for the October to do list, though. I might save November till the end so there are (hopefully) already lots of ticks on there too.


  3. Colin Galbraith 26 October 2010 / 11:29 am

    >Okay, so I'm going to stop reading your blog if you don't stop talking about parsley dumplings, apple and blackberry crumble, sweetcorn casseroles and such like. I'm drooling all over my PC!!!;-)


  4. Diane 26 October 2010 / 11:58 am

    >Oh, I'm sorry. Tell me what you don't like and I'll rave about that instead. :o)I might post pictures now …


  5. Rare Lesser Spotted 26 October 2010 / 3:03 pm

    >I regularly buy freezer stuff for the kids esp. pizzas etc., but if that was me, I'd have eaten four and frozen one! Is it the time of year to have busy weekends? I seemed to have time to spare for a couple of months and all of a sudden, like you, it's all hell and no notion on weekends!X


  6. Diane 26 October 2010 / 3:26 pm

    >I couldn't have eaten four casseroles in one go. Mind you, I'm wondering about this bean and sweetcorn casserole I may be making – I have no room for one of those in the freezer either (but if the bits are small enough it may go to Matlock with me on Saturday night in a flask).


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