>Onwards and upwards


Yesterday was not a good work day. But it did get better by the end of it. I had a rash of visitors throughout, either in person or by phone, and don’t seem to have had the time to have done anything. The day did finish on a positive, though – but I did go to bed early with a couple of painkillers for a banging head. Hopefully today will be better.

I have some articles in that need preparing for the magazine – whenever it appears, but it won’t be before January. And I’m offering my services elsewhere in the interim. A colleague has a technical manual he’d like me to proof-read, I have some communications marketing material to order, another colleague wants me to test drive his business excellence model (but that won’t be here for a while yet), a communications working group chairman wouldn’t mind my assistance, and a departmental manager has “lots” for me to do. So I won’t be twiddling my thumbs.

In other work, I have NaNo, an article and a short story I need to be cracking on with. I also want to get the electronic edits done on Night Crawler so I can get that book into the online stores. I might look at making it a paperback and an e-book too, then people can choose in what format they prefer or can afford all in one go.