>A nightmare week


Storms thrashed the UK for much of the night last night. Locally, one woman was killed when a tree fell on the car she was in. My next door neighbour’s garage has lost its fascia – I have no idea when that was or where it went. My other next door neighbour’s trampoline was blown over. And that pile of leaves I cleared up from outside my front door the other week was back this morning with a vengeance … but nobody else had any outside their houses …

I called the cats in before bed. Domino was there at the door waiting to come in but it was so horrible I went to find Holly in case she couldn’t hear me. I could hear her crying and was looking all over for her, but when I got back to my back door, there she was. And that was where she’d been crying. We must have passed in the dark and she was letting me know she was already home.

It was so cold I had the fire on and the heating. (I’m resisting turning the heating up full until the winter really arrives.)

Work has been a nightmare this week. There has been some uncertainty over when the magazine next appears, and while we’re pretty much resigned to it coming out in January, there’s an outside chance that if we get the go ahead next week it still may be out before Christmas. I was a tad surprised, however, that someone had been promised 4 pages in the magazine when nobody thought to mention it to us. Especially when the deadline was last Friday. But hey ho, mine is not and all that.

I still have various things to discuss and I’m still very busy despite the magazine being delayed. In fact, people are crawling out of the woodwork asking for my services now. They’d forgotten I was here. Sometimes it’s worth throwing a strop.

My NaNo suffered and I lost the equivalent of about 6 days work. I caught up on one of those last night and I hope to catch up on more today. I have been doing the screen edits on Night Crawler, though, and am almost through with those. The other freelance stuff has taken a back seat, although I did jump at an opportunity yesterday for a regular freelance gig in one of my favourite magazines. They’ve not replied yet, so I may submit a couple of samples anyway in case that’s how they secretly prefer people to contact them.

Today on the way home I’ll do my shopping again. This evening it will be mostly NaNo and R&R. Tomorrow I’m baking, doing household chores, tidying and cleaning the house, and more NaNo. On Sunday it’s the farmers’ market at Wentworth again – that came around quickly – and more NaNo. On Monday … I have the dreaded dentist … (shudder).

Have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “>A nightmare week

  1. Twiggy 12 November 2010 / 1:48 pm

    >Blimey wasn't it windy last night, we're up on the tops and the wind was howling all night. Twiglet ended up in with us as the noises outside were too scarey – bless !! Take care out there.Twiggy x


  2. Diane 12 November 2010 / 1:54 pm

    >It must have been gale force. it truly was horrible. I've heard lots of kids were woken and frightened by it all.You take care too. :o)x


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