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Today’s the day that hundreds and thousands of avatars will march across websites to urge Governments to beat bullying. I sent my avatar off with them. Watch out for them throughout the day. If this link doesn’t work for you, try the Facebook page. For an example of the march, check out HMV charts page (15 November 2010 only).

I didn’t do the shopping on my way home on Friday after all. Instead I stayed behind at work and published a book. Yes folks, Night Crawler is finally competed and currently available to buy as hardback or download. When I get time (again!), I’ll create the paperback. Unfortunately I think the delivery options available at Lulu are very steep and can’t wait until it makes it way through to Amazon. But when it does, I’ll have to put the price up slightly (but make the Lulu discount bigger), because I’ll only get 2p per book sold from Amazon and I really can’t see it selling in its millions.

Now I have to crack on with the publicity material. Anyone fancy hosting me on their blog for a tour?

On Saturday morning I started the housework in preparation for company coming soon. I went and did my supermarket shopping and got the newbie on the cash desk. Biggest problem with this was they put her with a co-newbie and neither of them knew how to do much. They didn’t even know where the switch was for their flashing red light. She forgot to put my points on my loyalty card in the first place, then she forgot to add my “green” points for shopping bag re-use, then she didn’t know how to put my money-off vouchers through, and when I got home I discovered that she’d totally missed some of the money-off vouchers altogether.

I called customer services and they were able to see the vouchers they’d sent me and the vouchers she’d put through and they said I could either go back to the store and collect my vouchers again, or they’d add them to my next statement. I opted for the latter. I didn’t have time to go back and I didn’t really want to get her into trouble. It wasn’t her fault that she wasn’t ready yet.

I watched the Formula 1 qualifying race, but when I settled down to NaNo I found that my creative well was dry. So as my book is set in the world of horses, I selected a Dick Francis from my book shelf and set about refilling the well.

As eggs were the only thing I wanted from the farmers’ market, I paid the extra 64p at the supermarket and saved my petrol and time. The rest of Sunday was NaNo again (the creative well refilling worked), more F1, and I wrote the first draft of a short story.

Today it’s back to NaNo, I’ll take a look at the second draft of the story, and then it’s the dreaded dentist … GULP.

I may see you on the other side … GULP.


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