>Happy moving vibes


My friend Devon moves house today. This massive life change has been a long time coming, it’s not been an easy ride, and it’s no short distance either. Therefore I’d love for everyone that knows her, and even those that don’t, to send happy moving vibes for her and her “family”. She’ll be offline until Monday when I hope she’ll let us know how it all went. We’ve followed this journey with her and we’re all very excited that she’s finally going, her new house sounds adorable and I’m looking forward to the tales she’ll have to tell.

More and more material is coming in for the magazine, with more and more people wanting their stories to appear. We are actually past the deadline for this one, and we may be getting a shorter word count in the new layout. So I can’t promise anyone that I’ll fit them in at this stage, but we’re also trying not to put them off. This magazine has gone from the editors struggling to find material to folk clamouring to get in there. This suspension, however temporary, is plain ludicrous. But … ours is not and all that (and I’ve said that before).

Today, after work, I have a hair appointment, and then I start entertaining (oh, the joy of having someone to cook for) (no trifle, though – I DO NOT share my trifle) (ha ha ha – we’ll probably have fish n chips from a fish shop on Friday, a Chinese takeaway on Saturday, and fish n chips again on Monday, but it’s the thought that counts). On Saturday we have maybe the pictures and at least one gig. On Sunday we fight over who cooks Sunday dinner (at dinner time and not teatime), then we have a teatime gig and an evening gig. On Monday we may go to the seaside. On Tuesday I get my house back!

I’m signing off for the weekend now, be back on Tuesday. As you can see we have lots of things planned and lots of chill time too, but the thing I’m going to enjoy the most is the company and showing an old friend some of my new friends. If we get pictures, and if I get chance, I’ll post a pictorial.

Have a great weekend.

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6 thoughts on “>Happy moving vibes

  1. Ordinary Man 18 November 2010 / 1:33 pm

    >Have a great time! Chill-out time, could do with some of that myself.


  2. Diane 18 November 2010 / 1:35 pm

    >Thanks, Carol, we will. All we'll fall out doing it.


  3. Diane 18 November 2010 / 1:35 pm

    >Nidge: So go get some. :o)


  4. Colin Galbraith 19 November 2010 / 12:28 pm

    >Have a great time! I'll be in touch re blog tour.


  5. Diane 22 November 2010 / 1:14 pm

    >Thanks, Col. :o)


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