>What’s a weekend?

>Considering I was off sick yesterday and didn’t surface until midday, I still got a few things done.

First of all there was my blog post (the NaNoFail one …), then I revisited my diary for the next 2 weeks, then I liaised with my editor and did 2 drafts of the running order for the activity annual, and I wrote the 1st draft of my media kit for the blog tour that hopefully starts next week. I also started off an exercise book listing all the activities I’d like to include in this and future annuals, so I have them all in one place. I’m starting to love all of my different exercise books.

For tea I cheated and ordered a Chinese, ate half and saved half for tonight as I may as well do the shopping on my way home again.

Later today I’ll polish the media kit, but if any of you have any questions or anything specific you’d like me to write, please let me know. Otherwise feel free to lift whatever you want or need from the kit and be prepared to ask questions after you receive it. I’ll have another go at fitting the wrong number of pages into my 28 or 32 page magazine page plan. I also hope to see the artwork for the activity annual because I may have stayed at home another day had I not thought it might be here. If they send it to home today, though, that means I’ll have to be on hand tomorrow to listen for a postie. So I’m hoping it comes to work.

Tonight I stay in. Tomorrow, now that NaNo has been knocked on the head, I’ll bake bread in the morning, work on the media kit some more in the afternoon, get properly going on the activity annual, then maybe bake some cakes late afternoon. Then I’m off to the gig buddy’s for a couple of hours for chat and more Chinese. :o)

On Sunday, weather and germs permitting, I’m off to Birmingham to see my mom and dad. If I don’t make it I’ll do some washing and ironing. On Monday it’s back to the dentist to have my crown started off … [GULP]

Have a great weekend.


6 thoughts on “>What’s a weekend?

  1. carolwarham 26 November 2010 / 9:18 am

    >Hope you have a good weekend. I'm hopping the snow stays away as I'm across and back to Cheshire this weekend.Sorry NaNo has not worked out but your're right to sort priorities.


  2. Diane 26 November 2010 / 9:51 am

    >A good weekend to you too – hope it's hassle free.


  3. Diane 26 November 2010 / 4:03 pm

    >Yes, but I'll enjoy getting back to regular chores. (I never thought I'd ever say that …)


  4. Diane 27 November 2010 / 12:07 pm

    >We hardly have any!


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