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My writing lately has been lacking fun. The moment I realised this I felt a whole lot better. Even the NaNo thing was quite regimental and business-like and I remember how prolific I was when I was doing it for me, and how much I enjoyed it.

I’m not one for meaningless exercises. Maybe this is the jobbing writer in me, the one that needs to maximise earning potential, but I can’t sit and write about … I don’t know, the shape of a pebble, or a dream sequence, or 5 different versions of the same conversation from 3 different viewpoints – I think you know what I mean. If an exercise doesn’t earn its keep, I’m out.

This book, The Write Brain Workbook by Bonnie Neubauer, has been sat on my bookshelf for about a year. I glanced down at it last week when I was tidying up for my house guest and thought I really ought to have a flick through, because I bought it because it looked like fun.

Tonight I finally picked it up.

There are 366 exercises in the book, one for every day of a leap year. You can do them in order or you can dip in and do them whichever way you like. Saying that, I’m a list person so I’m likely to start at the beginning and work my way through, although I did skip through a couple of pages and want to start writing NOW. Only trouble was I was in the bath …

And so I’m going to make a promise to me and to you. I’m going to work my way through this book, in order, and try and do one exercise a day. I’m not going to start on New Year’s Day, I’m going to start tonight, which means on 30 November next year we should be at exercise 366. And to make sure I do it? I’m going to post them, first draft, warts and all (and copyrighted!), in here alongside whatever other regular posts I make but in any case there will at least be one of these for every day.

Even if I don’t post them straightaway I’ll do so as soon as I get to a pc, with the date on which I did the exercise. If you have the book too, please join me. I’ll post tonight’s tomorrow morning before my regular post for that day.

Time to crack that whip, ladies and gents. Your feedback would be much appreciated.


6 thoughts on “>The Write Brain Workbook

  1. Melissa Marsh 29 November 2010 / 10:06 pm

    >Go for it! I can never stick to those things for long (for example, I tried the Morning Pages routine recommended by Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way and stopped after a few months).


  2. Diane 29 November 2010 / 10:18 pm

    >A few months is better than no months. I've tried them before too but they've been a bit stodgy or taken too long. These are fun, colourful pages and you can do the exercises in the book if you want (I don't want to soil it so am using an exercise book), but they're just 10 minutes every day. I'll give it a go – already done tonight's …


  3. Teresa Ashby 30 November 2010 / 8:55 am

    >That sounds like a really great book, Diane. I may treat myself and join you!


  4. Diane 30 November 2010 / 10:52 am

    >Ooh, let me know if you get it and if you try them.


  5. carolwarham 30 November 2010 / 11:05 am

    >Sounds like a great idea. I don't have the book but if you briefly state what each exercise is I'll have a go with you.We had a foot of snow fall last night. No-one has managed to get out. The buses and trains (Penistone line through Barnsley) all stopped before the village.Its very pretty though.


  6. Diane 30 November 2010 / 11:39 am

    >Okay, I may contravene copyright if I state the actual exercises on here, but if you email me with your current email address?I got out of my village this morning (Tuesday), but I understand a lorry is now blocking the road out towards Pontefract (I call this the road to nowhere because all the buses usually turn around at the edge of the village and come back). Main roads are mostly ok and while the snow is still soft and wet, driving is easy enough.


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