>A pleasant evening


Domino doesn’t look happy with this outbreak of “dandruff”. Well, that will teach her for rolling in the fake snow from the tree. It’s rare for her to sit on the arm of the settee.

Yesterday evening was a stark contrast to the previous day. On my way home I decided I may as well drop into Tesco in case we had another snow dump overnight or another big freeze, and I got most of the provisions that I needed despite forgetting my shopping list – although I didn’t add anything that wasn’t on there other than my first batch of Christmas shopping. Yes, folks, I finally have a few gifts to wrap.

I got home quite late and the drive back down our icy hill was very, very scary. It’s not so bad if there’s no-one coming in the opposite direction … but there was someone coming in the opposite direction and it meant that one of us had to swerve away from the semi-clear track onto frozen snow and avoid hitting any parked cars. Fortunately he had a 4×4 and he did the decent and gentlemanly thing. I am such a wimp when it comes to driving on ice. I don’t mind walking in it and I don’t mind looking at it, but if I can keep from driving in it I’m a very happy bunny.

There wasn’t a great deal on the telly last night, but the postman had finally arrived with a few days’ worth of post, including a Radio Times, the Ramblers’ Walk magazine, and my Sky magazine. I also picked up the latest Country Kitchen from the supermarket. Once I put the shopping away and had tea (I need to catch up on washing up the crocks at some point …) I had a magazine-fest, which was lovely and relaxing. And I did my writing exercise but couldn’t be bothered to boot up and load it until today.

I managed to source a “used-but-good” copy of that cookery book I lost, for 1p, and I ordered that along with a “used-but-good” Sue Grafton omnibus. I also ordered 3 new novels – Sue Grafton’s latest and the last 2 from Stephen Booth – and those should all be with me in time for a lovely read over Christmas.

Other news from yesterday … I dusted off and polished up the CV and registered with a recruitment agency … And I started to research the freelance work boards. Nothing to worry about from a job security point of view (as far as we know), but if any of the gossip that is filtering through is true, I won’t want to be involved any more. Just covering my back and hedging my bets.

Our road up the hill is still very, very dicey and there were 2 cars coming down as I was going up. One of them I gave way to (there was nowhere for him to go), the other gave way to me. Some have put their wheelie bins out for collection and while the dustmen may make it to the village, I can’t see them risking struggling down to our “bottom”.

I’m visiting Melissa today, on Writing with Style. Please go and say hello – the direct link is here.

I got to work a bit quicker than yesterday, the main roads really are considerably better and they’ve forecast a heatwave from tomorrow. But I don’t think I’ll be heading to Birmingham this weekend.

Can you see Domino in this picture? Don’t you just know one (or more) of those baubles are going to be in the middle of the floor when I get home?


6 thoughts on “>A pleasant evening

  1. devonellington 8 December 2010 / 1:40 pm

    >Always a good idea to have a Plan B, workwise.I hate driving on ice, too.The cats love the tree, don't they? Iris used to pick a patch and remove all the ornaments every day. Fortunately, she's been too busy to do that this year.


  2. Twiggy 8 December 2010 / 1:54 pm

    >I picked up a Radio Times myself this morning. I've been driving today and I don't like driving on ice, it amazes me how bad supermarket car parks are at the moment, urgh!!Anyhoo, the Marina we went to is Shepley Marina, there is a Safe Anchor Trust there and they do lots of things for children. I think it's open to anyone and the good news is there are two pubs nearby :)Twiggy xPS I love Stephen Booth, which books did you get? I'm re-reading my Peter Robinson's at the moment.


  3. Diane 8 December 2010 / 2:20 pm

    >Devon: At least I can tell where the cats are hiding … I can hear the baubles being tapped and swung.I now have a Plan C too … and one I'd much rather have.


  4. Diane 8 December 2010 / 2:24 pm

    >The roads are terrible, aren't they, Twiggy?The last 2 paperback Stephen Booths I ordered are Dying to Sin and The Kill Call. There's a hardback currently out that I've not ordered, Lost River, and I think he has another due out next year.


  5. Melissa Marsh 8 December 2010 / 2:46 pm

    >My kitty finally went underneath the tree the other night. She's pretty much ignored it until now. I wanted to take a picture, but wouldn't you know it – my camera battery was dead!


  6. Diane 8 December 2010 / 2:47 pm

    >Domino is likely to crouch beneath it, Holly is likely to climb it! My battery is fully charged – to the extent that I forgot it was charging …


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