>Day 16: 14 December 2010

>Finish the story. Start with …

She adjusted his bow tie. He had always hated wearing one, even as long ago as when he was page and she was bridesmaid at their aunt’s wedding. Auntie Ally was quite a lot younger than her own sister, their mother, and while their mum had been maid of honour, Susie and Jake were there for the cute factor.

Susie was two years younger than her brother in actual years but in maturity she was two years older than him, or more. Yet she had always looked up to him, was always very proud of him, and she loved him unconditionally. In return he had protected her, treated her as an equal, and loved her back.

They had always been close as they grew up, always did things together or only a short space of time apart. She’d followed him into the drum corps as soon as she was old enough, and again into the Royal Marines Sea Cadets. They’d even managed to fall in love at the same time, she with Paul, he with Martha. And it went without saying that they would have a double wedding – something that Martha and Paul were, fortunately, happy enough to fall in with.

And then came the car accident that left Jake and Martha in hospital, fighting for their lives, but Susie and Paul had rallied then too.

Susie stepped back and admired her handiwork and fleetingly thought how it could all have been so different.

“There,” she said. “I could marry you myself.”

He grinned back at her, that lop-sided smile still there despite the scratches and cuts now fading on his face. And he’d held up his arm, the cast covered by his suit sleeve, so he could escort her down the aisle.

“Come on,” he said. “We have a wedding to go to.” (305 words)


I almost put him in a coffin, but I decided that would be too cruel …