>Day 18: 16 December 2010

>Each word in this piece must be ONE SILL A BULL. Start with:

The bull stood in the field on the grass. He could see us, he could smell us. We could tell by the way his ears twitched. Steam came out of his nose. He pawed at the ground with one foot. I had on a red top. Was it true, the bulls and red thing? We would soon find out. My friend did not like it at all. He was not a brave soul and was quite scared of bulls, and cows, and sheep … the lot, in fact.

We walked with less speed, hoped the bull would not take fright and charge. But he could smell my friend’s fear. I could smell my friend’s fear and it was not nice.

The field was quite big. Too big. There was too much space from us to the gate. There were more cows in the field but just the one bull – as far as we could tell. We would not come this way on a day hence (oh dear …). It was not safe, it did not feel nice.

A man came. He pursed his lips and blew. The sound caused the bull to look at him and not at us. A dog ran in the field. The cows ran. We were safe … and I still have too much time left … (217 words)


2 thoughts on “>Day 18: 16 December 2010

  1. Teresa Ashby 19 December 2010 / 5:39 pm

    >That must have been incredibly difficult. I couldn't even string a comment together with one sill a bull words.I've still only managed two of the exercises. At the rate I'm going I'll still be doing them when I'm 90!


  2. Diane 19 December 2010 / 6:05 pm

    >Oh, it was hard. There were 2 that snuck in, and while I'm trying to keep these first draft, I did change those 2 little things …


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