>Day 21: 19 December 2010

>You are in a bus depot in New York. A gypsy appears out of nowhere and hands you a card on which the following are pictured: # I  g  O  N  T  [  Use all the elements, starting with …

It almost seems impossible to go back to that split second when I realised it was a gypsy at my door. A real one. At first she just looked like a hawker or a beggar, but as soon as I opened the door I knew. And she knew I knew too.

“Don’t be alarmed,” she said, holding up a white gloved hand, in which she carried a small cross pendant.

I could see inside the basket of wares she was peddling and bought 2 lace doilies that looked like snowflakes. I thought that if I bought something from her it would be like holding up a white flag and she’d go easy on me.

“Don’t worry,” she said again. “I’m not going to put a curse on you. But I have to tell you that you are a good and kind person and that you will have some good luck in the next month or so, to do with your work.”

I was freelance writing at the time, full time, and needed all the luck I could get.

The lady had a bandaged foot which was clearly giving her some pain, and I let her sit on a chair in the hall while I got her a glass of water. She got a bottle of something from her basket that had a skull and crossbones on the label.

“It’s not really poisonous,” she said, reading my mind again and pouring some of the contents into the water. “It just stops the children pinching it.”

As she put the bottle back she revealed a small tattoo on her wrist. It looked like the double emblem Taoist symbol to me, but that was too weird even for a Romany. I could also see a pair of embroidery scissors  in the basket too.

As she left she thanked me for my kindness, reminded me of my good luck, and told me that a Capricorn would one day make me very happy … I didn’t mention that part to the man I was married to at the time, seeing as he was a Gemini and I didn’t think it would go down very well – particularly as he already told me off for letting the woman into the house.

That following month I did indeed receive my biggest and best single freelance contract ever (at the time – I’ve bettered it since), but I’m still waiting for the Capricorn … (403 words – wow)