>Weekend wipeout


I’m a bit behind in posting up my daily exercises, but I am doing them, I just didn’t want it to hold up my regular posting.

And so the weekend was a washout. In my best evah gramma: I ain’t goin’ nowhere I don’t have to in this weather. Once I’m home I’m home and if there’s any risk of me getting stranded anywhere, or getting stuck, or going into a skid, I ain’t doing it. Not for no man.

We didn’t get any more snow at the weekend, but the temperature dropped to what must be a record. It has been, and still is, soooooo cold, although I’m nice and snug and warm in my lovely, cosy house. So on Friday, as I didn’t relish driving all the way home from Castleford at well-sub-zero temperatures on untreated dark and rural roads at midnight, I stayed in. I couldn’t justify the 11 quid carol concert on Saturday. And I didn’t fancy the drive to York and back on Sunday and, the weekend before Christmas pay day, neither I nor the gig buddy could really afford it.

Saturday was spent finishing what I could of the activity annual in longhand, and Sunday was typing it up. I only have 3 sections to do now – 2 stories and a recipe.

I did my writing exercises, finished the Dick Francis, then found The Thirty Nine Steps available as a free e-book for my mobile phone. I do have The Pillars of the Earth that I’m itching to start, but as it’s 3 inches thick I’m not sure it will be finished before I want to start my next Stephanie Plum ahead of my New Year writing workshop. I watched lots of Strictly Come Dancing and caught up with Hugh Jackman in the first X-Men film.

Today is more writing, more reading, maybe finish the activity annual off – or do a chunk of it – then, if I have time, ironing and baking.


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