>Weekend wipeout


I’m a bit behind in posting up my daily exercises, but I am doing them, I just didn’t want it to hold up my regular posting.

And so the weekend was a washout. In my best evah gramma: I ain’t goin’ nowhere I don’t have to in this weather. Once I’m home I’m home and if there’s any risk of me getting stranded anywhere, or getting stuck, or going into a skid, I ain’t doing it. Not for no man.

We didn’t get any more snow at the weekend, but the temperature dropped to what must be a record. It has been, and still is, soooooo cold, although I’m nice and snug and warm in my lovely, cosy house. So on Friday, as I didn’t relish driving all the way home from Castleford at well-sub-zero temperatures on untreated dark and rural roads at midnight, I stayed in. I couldn’t justify the 11 quid carol concert on Saturday. And I didn’t fancy the drive to York and back on Sunday and, the weekend before Christmas pay day, neither I nor the gig buddy could really afford it.

Saturday was spent finishing what I could of the activity annual in longhand, and Sunday was typing it up. I only have 3 sections to do now – 2 stories and a recipe.

I did my writing exercises, finished the Dick Francis, then found The Thirty Nine Steps available as a free e-book for my mobile phone. I do have The Pillars of the Earth that I’m itching to start, but as it’s 3 inches thick I’m not sure it will be finished before I want to start my next Stephanie Plum ahead of my New Year writing workshop. I watched lots of Strictly Come Dancing and caught up with Hugh Jackman in the first X-Men film.

Today is more writing, more reading, maybe finish the activity annual off – or do a chunk of it – then, if I have time, ironing and baking.


2 thoughts on “>Weekend wipeout

  1. devonellington 20 December 2010 / 1:07 pm

    >I'm staying in, too, as it's supposed to snow all day here. I'll go out and shovel the walk and the driveway later, but I'm not actually going anywhere!


  2. Diane 20 December 2010 / 1:09 pm

    >Staying indoors is the best idea. I think the baking may actually take priority this afternoon …


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