>More of the same

>Yesterday when I arrived at work I fired off an email regarding a brochure I’m supposed to be working on. I’ve not had a reply yet. I also fired off an email regarding an atrocious newsletter that was riddled with mistakes, bad spelling, poor grammar, inconsistencies, asking why they didn’t think to send it to the only C&P specialist in the entire organisation for checking before sending – globally. I’ve not had a reply yet.

Next job was checking the job pages and I applied for 3 editing jobs: one that doesn’t exist in Barnsley, but they said to send my CV anyway; a book editing job in Holmfirth; and a magazine editing job in South Yorkshire. I also re-applied for a book editing job in the East Midlands that I applied for before Christmas but on a different website. The agency had assured me they were passing my details along with a recommendation that the organisation take a look, but as I’ve not heard anything yet – not even a “no thanks” – I’m going to bug them.

Then I scrolled down the freelance job boards, I applied for a 12 month blogging job, and I sent a chasing letter to a local correspondent job I applied for on a walking magazine at the beginning of November. A friend subsequently gave me an alternative email address, and 2 friends pointed out that as the editor is often out on location, he can take up to 3 months to reply. I hope I didn’t bug him yet with my reminder.

Finally I had a look at the calls for short stories and I think I may have a go at one or two of those. They’re mostly in America, and because of the conversion rates I have to aim at the higher paying longer length ones. Otherwise they’re not worth my while other than practise and experience. One of the first lessons I learned as a writer was to set my own minimum wage and then stick to it. I might not get as much work as people that work for free or for peanuts, but at least I get to eat with what I do earn. (Peanuts are very nutritious but, alone, do not qualify as a balanced diet.)

It was a quiet day at work. I think I spoke to 2 people all day, maybe 3.

Today there may be replies to my emails; today may be more of the same.


6 thoughts on “>More of the same

  1. >A very interesting post. All the jobs sounded well..interesting! Let's hope something concrete comes from this. Happy job hunting.Wouldn't Holmfirth be handy, we could meet up for lunch!


  2. >Holmfirth would be lovely, it being one of my favourite places around here. We could meet at my favourite little cafe there … "Miscellany" or something like that …


  3. >Sounds good. Something great will come of all of this.Re: short stories. Absolutely. You've above the range of needing simply experience and exposure.Have you looked at Glimmer Train's quarterly open submissions (the no-fee ones?) They have one of the highest paid fiction rates — might be worth checking them out.


  4. >The big list I've been checking is Duotrope, as recommended by you, but I've not seen Glimmer Train yet. I'll certainly look there too. Thanks.


  5. >Hope you land some of those jobs – freelance and otherwise. They recently reduced the rate for freelancers on the only freelance job I have. I wasn't happy and let them know about it. Their response? Sorry, can't do anything about it – this came from corporate.


  6. >I'm afraid I would have asked corporate if they were taking a pay cut too, and told them to stuff their job. Wages that don't go up are already realistically going down; wages that go down mean you're paying them for hiring you.


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