>I cleared the first 5k mark yesterday on the 80k in 80 days challenge. I’d say that was my first milestone, but the first milestone is usually getting started in the first place. Whatever, though, the next milestone will be 10k.

It’s going well. The backstory in the first chapter I’ve decided will be just that, drip-fed in flashbacks throughout the rest of the story. This means each chapter number in my outline needs moving backwards by one, and that will mean I’ll need an extra chapter somewhere in the middle to balance it out. But that’s okay and do-able. I won’t do it this time, though. I’ll do it in the first re-write, which will also be longhand.

I got halfway through the morning yesterday when I realised I’d left my mobile phone at home. Once upon a time that would have filled me with fear and I probably would have gone back for it. The thought did cross my mind, but I left it. That means I may not be as surgically attached to it now as I have been in the past. I left earlyish anyway, for polling day – we voted Yes or No to the AV system. Well, I hope we all did …

Much of the last few days have been spent in Toyland, once I’ve done my daily 1k. Next week I should be off to Smurfland. In between I’ve been swanning around with the SAS. It’s a varied life.

It’s been a week of arrangements too.

I added an extra 2Gb of internet to my mobile phone. I told them when they gave me a free 1Gb that it wouldn’t be enough, but they suggested I try it for a few months and if I was regularly pushing it, then I could add on some more. For just a fiver a month I get the extra 2Gb, so I’m hoping the total 3Gb should more than cover it. This saves me paying at least £15 a month for a dongle with mobile broadband, and having to carry my laptop around with me.

I grabbed the window cleaner and asked him how much extra it would be to clean my doors as well, but because I’m a mate, he said he’d do it for nothing once a month if they needed it. That was really nice of him, and he started by doing the front door this time. I probably will slip him a bit extra, though. He’s not the dearest window cleaner in the village and the others would all charge extra.

And I booked my car in for its MOT. (Gulp!) I’m expecting hefty damages this time around. The exhaust pipe has been showing signs of decay ever since ATS bodged a replacement. I’ve been warned my head gasket may be on its way out. I probably need new tyres. I know I need a new brake lamp but the hand brake cable also slips sometimes. And my gears have been clattering a bit.

There’s some snagging to do too, such as repairing the boot (trunk) light – it was staying on and draining the battery – refixing the aerial if they can do it or a new one if they can’t, the bonnet (hood) prop catch snapped off one time I was checking engine fluids, and I lost a hubcap from one of the wheels.

Oh yes, I’m really looking forward to that bill in a couple of weeks …

And so we come to the weekend. I have 2 deadlines today, the military book and one of the Christmas annuals. Tonight I’m going out for a drink with a friend. Tomorrow I’m off to see Barnsley v Millwall, courtesy of 2 free tickets I “won”. My mate from work is coming there with me. And on Sunday I’m thinking of joining the ramblers for a 5 mile circular walk around Cannon Hall in Barnsley.

What will you be up to? Have a good one.


6 thoughts on “>Wahey!

  1. Devon Ellington 6 May 2011 / 11:39 am

    >'Tis the season for car repairs, isn't it? Just had that yesterday.


  2. Diane 6 May 2011 / 11:59 am

    >Some of my nit-picking jobs have needed doing for a while. Now is the time to get them done, whether I have to keep the car for a while longer or whether I sell it.


  3. Melissa Marsh 6 May 2011 / 4:01 pm

    >You are one busy gal. :-)My weekend plans include lots of writing. I hope.


  4. Carol 6 May 2011 / 5:19 pm

    >Wahey! I've finished working for the census today, so life should return to normal, whatever that is.Having a quiet day tomorrow catching up with things and my better half returns from his annual golfing trip tomorrow night. So, Sunday will no doubt be a mixture of doing his washing and listening to the longest drives and nearest pins stories.


  5. Diane 6 May 2011 / 5:20 pm

    >Yup, Melissa, too busy for me! :o)


  6. Diane 6 May 2011 / 5:21 pm

    >Sounds thrilling, Carol. Enjoy. :o)


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