>Catching up

>Well, what a fun time Blogger’s been having of it this week. It’s been on and off like an on and off thing, and it’s lost comments from Wednesday. After Thursday, when it fell over again, I gave up checking it. And do you know what? I didn’t miss it. Now this is a major change as once upon a time I would have got cross, made a lot of noise, and probably lost sleep. But I have been SO BUSY, I didn’t even miss it.

I’ll come in and update the daily word counts on the word meter later, when I have more time.

I *have* been busy, but today I completed the late annual and started the next one. I have been working solid since last Monday on one thing or another, apart from Thursday evening when I took the night off. it wasn’t by choice, I just ran out of energy. So I took the night off and chilled.

Friday was wall to wall work again, all day, from the moment I got to work until about 5pm when I left. That’s 30 minutes overtime for me, but an hour earlier than I’ve been getting away all week. Only because I’ve been on a roll and didn’t want to interrupt the flow.

When I got home I did some more work, but I ordered a Chinese, which lasted me for Saturday tea too. Yesterday I did chores and errands and more work. Last night I was supposed to be going to a gig, but when I found out it was only a jam session I lost interest. Jamming is really fun if you’re a musician jamming or if you know most of the people there. I would have known 3 or 4, so I decided to stay home and watch Eurovision.

Today I wanted to do some baking and cooking, but I was working all day again, although I finished with some diary work. It’s great to see in only 3 weeks I’ll be freelancing again. I’ve given myself a bank holiday (the late May one), then I have my last 2 days in work, and then I’ve given myself 4 days off to do nothing – beyond my 80k in 80 days and maybe the blog.

Tomorrow I have to take my car in for its MOT, so I won’t be on first thing. I’m taking some proof reading with me and I’m going to go and spend some time in the local library working. I think they close for dinner, so if my car’s still in I shall treat myself. I’ll also take the 8ok challenge.

I just ran a bath and the water is brown. I’m going to run another and if it’s still brown I have to call the water board in the morning. We did have a burst water main in the week. Perhaps they had another and we didn’t notice.

2 thoughts on “>Catching up

  1. Jarmara Falconer 16 May 2011 / 6:12 am

    >Wow, you got my head in a spin! How do you keep up with yourself, My dear friend?Hope your car passes with flying colours.


  2. Diane 16 May 2011 / 10:34 am

    >Well, I'm not going to be so busy for much longer when the day job goes. It's been getting in the way for such a long time, I'll be glad to see the back of it, even if I will have to tighten the purse strings.I hope the car passes too …


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