>The bestest ickle car EVER

>The little car sailed through its MOT – well, it may have taken in a little water, but it passed first time with just a couple of warnings: 1. The exhaust shows signs of deterioration (it’s been doing that since ATS did their bodge job nearly 3 years ago). 2. Front brakes will need attention, but they’re okay just now.

Well, as I won’t be using the car as much … other than trips to the supermarket, to my parents, on days out and to the seaside (how exciting does that lot sound?), we’re going to build the brakes work into the autumn/winter service I usually have done every year in October.

They put 4 new wheel trims (hub caps) on and it looks brand new just with those on. It has a brand new aerial – and I won’t be using the automatic car wash again in the future. I can see into the boot (trunk) in the dark again. And the bonnet prop doesn’t cling on to the engine when I’m trying to lift the bonnet (hood).

The garage owner says that the car will be worth more to me if I run it into the ground than if I chop it in for a newer model. He said without a daily (ish) job to go, I don’t need a newer car, it’s reliable enough. He’ll rescue me if I’m stuck at home, and the AA will rescue me if I get stranded away from home. He said it’s spot on for its age and it’s just wear and tear I’m paying for now.

I’m pleased with the little thing at the moment, but I do keep checking that the boot light is switching itself off and not draining the battery by staying on.

Back at the day job today, for a 3 day week. But only for another 2 weeks. I’m getting really excited about working from home again. I just hope I can make it pay.

I need to update these word counters …


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  1. >Sounds like you have a really good garage there. Its great to find someone you can put your trust in.Counting down for two weeks now.


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