>Demob happy

>This morning I struggled to get up, but spurred on by the fact that I only have to do it 3 more times this week after today, I finally made it in. But I was late because I came in via the newsagent where I picked up the June issue of BBC History Magazine. It’s Vol 12, no 6, dated June 2011, and my Tweet is on p9. It may only be small, but this is now going in my “published in” column.

Much of yesterday was spent doing odds and sods of things that really need doing. I re-wrote the page plan for the annual I’m currently working on, printed off the remaining resources I currently have, exchanged emails regarding its delivery, put it all into some sort of order, wrote more in longhand, sorted the diary out a bit.

Most of it was done in the evening because, you see, when you work for yourself you can rearrange your days to suit, so long as you still meet your deadline and this one has a revised deadline of next Tuesday due to the materials not all being ready on time and me still being busy on the previous one, which was also late due to the materials not all being ready on time …

Because yesterday I actually did some baking during the day. I’d like to think this is entirely due to my motivation returning, but it was also due to the fact that I’d deliberately not bought any cakes, biscuits (cookies) or puddings from the supermarket on Saturday as I have a lot of the ingredients in. I baked a dozen marmalade muffins, 16 oaty crumble cookie things, and I made a lime-flavoured jelly (jell-o). All Weight Watchers, apart from the jelly, which is fat-free anyway.

For tea I cooked a sirloin steak with chips (fries), using a Slimming World recipe. I’d like to think that was motivational too, but the sirloin steak was quite expensive and I didn’t want to throw it away. It was quite a big one and I thought it would shrink, but it didn’t. So guess what I have for tea today too.

I should be a strip of wind with all this low fat, slimming food I’m cooking and eating. Instead, I’ve put weight on again. So next week, for the first time ever, I’m going on a Wednesday teatime walk with the Ramblers. I need to start walking again as it’s free and good for me. If the Ramblers only have longer, more moderate walks on offer, then I need to start taking myself out on my own walks again. I’ve never been able to join them on a summer evening walk before because of being at work … Nuff said. :oD

Head down, full throttle forward this week now. It may be my last week at the day job, but I still have deadlines to meet, books to write, things to proof, queries to send, records to keep …


2 thoughts on “>Demob happy

  1. Devon Ellington 24 May 2011 / 11:42 am

    >Take as much enjoyment as you can from the last week on the day job, and then enjoy being able to set your own schedule. I love it. I love being able to take a break during the day to take a walk or go to the beach or attend a lecture, or whatever.If we wanted 9-5, we'd still be working for corporations! There's no reason to set up our day in the same way.


  2. Diane 24 May 2011 / 11:56 am

    >I'll also be taking work and book bags to the beach, to the countryside, to wherever. My dad reminded me when I said all I'd need petrol for in future was to do the shopping and go and see him and Mom that I'd also need it for trips to the seaside and other days out. I'm really looking forward to all of it. Even the uncertainty – it'll keep me on my toes and stop me getting complacent.


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