>One day more

>Ooh, I could burst into song. I’d probably burst into tears, though, as well, as every single song from Les Miserables has that effect on me. Whatever anyone else believes, that show has the most emotional music score ever written, in my opinion. But … I digress.

One day more! I’ve changed the little man to do a happy dance because that’s how I’m feeling. How long has this day been coming? I can’t believe I only have to make this journey to work and back once more. I only have to get up early once more. I only have to stand and make sandwiches once more. I only have to force the cats to come in once more. I only have to wonder what to wear once more. I only have to negotiate Death Highway at rush hour once more.

It’s rained for me as well, so that one of my last remaining memories of Sleepy Hollow is one washed clean.

I’m slowly catching up with my 80k in 80 days and the subsequent word meters. I’m busy scribbling away at the current annual. Today we’re off to the pub to say cheerio. I am in tomorrow, but I really can’t see me lasting beyond lunch time. Besides, I have to get to Meadowhall to bank an international cheque. No point in coming all the way back when I’ve gone all the way there, and I need to get there in banking hours.

So there it is. (“Another day, another destiny.”) My final day is finally almost here. (“Will we ever meet again?”) I’m soooooo excited. (“The time is now, the day is here.”) Altogether now … (Join in.)



14 thoughts on “>One day more

  1. >What does it say about me that my first thought was 'yay, now Diane can wear pyjamas all day!'? (I do get dressed – most days – honestly)And I'm with you on Les Miserables.


  2. >Ha ha ha – it says a lot about you, and it also says a lot about how I come across to folk. This is good, am very relaxed and casual.


  3. >Ha ha ha, Emma. I have visions of you at your desk singing loudly to nothing, and everyone in the office saying "… just ignore her, she'll be all right …". :o)Thank you for singing along.


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