Tea? How very English

I’m drinking too much tea. Why am I drinking so much tea? Perhaps I have a deficiency in something that tea has lots of. But I’ve never in my life managed to drink so many cups of tea in one day. Last week, when I had a bit of a throat, I couldn’t touch tea because it scratches on its way down. I was on coffee last week, weak, milky, sugary coffee. This week I’m thinking of taking out shares in a tea plantation …

My dad called me last night and asked if the cashpoint had given me my money back. I hadn’t checked yesterday, so off I tootled to have a look and yes, there it was. It took them 4 days and it could have been very inconvenient for me had it taken the full £300 and not let me have any more, especially if it had been my last £300 too. But at least I have it back now and the machine didn’t diddle me.

I finished the last of the annuals last night and I think that will be it for at least a few months. The books are seasonal but I think there’s something going on back at base anyway, so I don’t expect to see much more before the autumn.

I’m proofing another history book now, one on the Romans in Gaul. It’s a short book so it should only take a couple of days. Today is also a study day. Tonight I have my local Ramblers’ meeting to go to. I have a lot to tell them following the area meeting on Monday night.


6 thoughts on “Tea? How very English

  1. I’m glad you got your money back, and after ‘only’ four days too.!

    Do you think all the tea drinking might be to do with the fact that you are a full-time at-home writer now? I drink more tea (and diet coke) at home than i ever did at work.


    1. I’m trying to think back to the last time I worked from home – 6 years – and I don’t remember drinking so much tea then. Mind you, I was married then and expected to work 24/7. Maybe I have more time this time, maybe it’s an age thing. I *have* always said I wished I drank coffee so I could have a pot on the hot plate all day, so maybe I was always thirsty and am just succumbing to it now. Who knows? 🙂


    1. The woman before me carefully checked hers, which – along with the notes getting a bit stuck – prompted me to check mine. Otherwise I might not have noticed until I was a bit short later in the weekend.


  2. Glad you got your cash back.

    Try Throat Coat tea for your scratchy throat — we used it in theatre all the time for the singers. It comes in a box of teabags. Slippery elm capsules (at the health food store) will also help with your throat.


    1. I’ll look out for the tea, although I’m not one for speciality teas or even herbal or natural ones. Tea just doesn’t feel very smooth when I have a bit of a throat. I’ll check out the health food shop too, ta.


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